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1. Girls' reluctance to get married has turned into a social issue. In today's culture, there are app controlled vibrators many odd issues. As an illustration, consider the issue of assisting the elderly and the recent discussion over the fact that most ladies do not want to get married. It is assumed that the large city girls—Beijing 1 million, Shanghai 900,000, and Guangzhou 1 million—are unaffected by the fact that more and more girls are choosing not to get married, even if the statistics may disagree. And adult products are frequently used to address physiological demands.

You won't be able to app controlled vibrators raise your fertility rate if you don't get married. I had no idea that today's culture has evolved to such a state. Is it truly as simple as buying a house and driving a car? No!

2. It appears that female students are app controlled vibrators becoming the leading consumers of adult goods. But the lack of feeling is the source of this. The market for adult goods has grown significantly in recent years, reaching a size of over a trillion dollars, which is remarkable on the surface. What is surprise, though, is that women have taken over as the primary purchasers. Could this be the reason why girls are so reluctant to get married? Is it only a result of girls' biological urges to purchase?

A further examination of the conclusion reveals the app controlled vibrators exact opposite: it is due to the lack of feeling. Humans have two degrees of most fundamental needs: high and low. Girls don't want to get married, but they are just not in the mood to be married in today's too materialistic world, which neglects emotions. Restoring the spiritual strength of society and reintroducing literature and morals as a guiding force would solve the problem.

3 Three factors, in my opinion, account for app controlled vibrators the majority of females' resistance to getting married. The high expense of marriage is one of them. from home purchases to wedding costs to shopping. Men who can marry have already taken the plunge. It is not possible to be married to a family later in life in order to carry a lifetime of hefty debt if one has to make due with the majority of the terrible economic conditions of the male marriage. Second, society's broader economic climate is not favorable. Girls already have a hard time selecting their own careers and occupations. Girls' employment rates are already a notch lower than males'. People are treated less and less like humans in the majority of employment today. Work that treats men like cattle and women like men is rather prevalent; the work is getting harder while paying less and less, so individuals cannot control their own financial status or how to locate a partner who is ready to get married or have a kid. Thirdly, things are less definite in the future. In other words, the current socio-economic depression is reflected in females' deep-seated reluctance to get married. Another example is that girls will need to pay a pension until they are 65 years old in order to retire, and their health insurance will need to cover them for 30 years. It is not difficult to see why girls might choose to put their own tiny lives ahead of such a horrible reality. As a result, society needs to alter in terms of the security of its means of subsistence.

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