The development of gender products

The Chinese people since ancient times we have been a state of etiquette, people are used to a courteous and modest life, and as for private topics,best remote controlled vibrator in the eyes of the ancients that is treacherous words, so the public use of the occasion can not be mentioned. But men and women are common sense, with the economic and social development, the international market convergence continues to strengthen, foreign open strategic thinking is also slowly affecting the sexual culture of every Chinese person. China has become the people's sexual concepts have begun to undergo a sea change, from the previous 'avoidance of less than' to the current slowly acceptable, and why not for the human spiritual civilization of a major technological progress. Because of this change in people's sexual attitudes, but also to the adult learning products has brought great impact on the business opportunities.

The development of gender products

The rapid development of the Internet and the physical advantages of brick-and-mortar stores constitute online and offline at the same remote controlled vibrator This has brought a spring-like warmth to the business. For many young people, owning a cell phone or a computer and then moving their little fingers can easily buy their daily necessities, sex toys and adult products from the Internet and avoid a lot of embarrassing sexual behavior.

With the rapid development of the economy, with the increase of people's consumption level, with people's pursuit of high quality living standard and the openness of ideology, we believe that adult products can definitely have a wider and wider remote controlled vibrator And people don't need to 'hold the pipa half cover' when buying adult products.

5 things you should know about sex toys

First, sex toys can be addictive to play

Everyone knows that once you get addicted to something or the other, it means some kind of harm. But using sex toys won't hurt you (as long as they are used correctly).best remote controlled vibrator While some people may rely on the habit of using sex toys, you don't need to give it up. Anyone can easily return to masturbation or sexual activity with a partner without using sex toys.

Second, sex toys are only used by people whose sex life produces disharmony

Anyone can use sex toys. Partners who use sex toys can bring better quality of life and emotional intimacy to both sexes. About 20-30% of people will use a disposable cell phone at least once in their lifetime. Erotic toys are not life preservers or panaceas, they are supplements to sex play.

Third, if a woman uses sex toys, she doesn't need a man.

Sex toys don't replace people. They don't make you breakfast, hug you or tell you how much they love remote controlled vibrator Many men are afraid of women using sex toys because they believe that the importance of these products to women is mainly their "big dicks" and men feel insecure because of this.

Four,The more expensive the sex toy, the better

A few dozen dollars of vibrator may bring you more pleasure than a few hundred dollars of remote controlled vibrator Expensive sex toys may be more durable or use better materials, but they may not make you feel better or bring you more pleasure. Sex toys, like many other goods, can do the same thing on a budget. Usually all we need is to find the right one for us.

Fifth, sex toys may cause harm to our human health

There is no evidence that sex toys can harm your sexual senses or genitals. Sure, there are some dangers if used incorrectly, but it's like a corkscrew, no one is going to throw it away because it might hurt their hands.