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In one article, I read about a mother teaching her child to read. Her children know more words than many children her age. She said that her child is not particularly smart, and she did not force her child to learn to read, but just taught the child according to his interest, so that the child can grow up easily. She used these methods to teach, and we can also learn, This mother is teaching her child:

play flashcards picture literacy

Buy some hard-covered picture-reading cards, let the children play with the cards until they can recognize all the things on the pictures, then point to the chinese alphabet and tell the children that these are the Chinese characters on the pictures. Then point to the Chinese characters and read while playing. Later, separate the pictures from the Chinese characters, put the pictures on one side and the Chinese characters on the other, and let the children use a small truck to help the Chinese characters find their homes. In this way, the child can probably recognize two to three hundred Chinese characters before the age of 2. Although there are not many, giving the child the stimulation of words can enhance the child's interest in Chinese characters.

play toy literacy

It is natural for children to love to play with toys. Boys love to play with Superman cars and dinosaurs. Girls like to play with elegant little bunny dolls, and we make some little cards, saying dinosaurs, cars, superman, rabbits, and so on. Whenever a child picks up a toy to play with, let him read the word, and the child will remember it for a long time.

radical literacy

When the child could recognize about 300 characters, I bought a wall chart of strokes and radicals. When I have time, I will point to the children to recognize the strokes and radicals, and tell them that Chinese characters are composed of radicals. Then write a radical on a piece of white paper, and use colored pens to play word-changing games with the children. Tell the children that Chinese characters are very interesting and can be changed, and mother will follow you to change them. First, write a "big" character or some radicals on white paper, and then add some strokes beside it to form some new characters. When the blank paper is full, children will recognize many Chinese characters with the same structure. The method of changing words is more likely to arouse children's interest. It is often that the child writes some words on the paper at random, and then adds one or two strokes, and the child will ask what the word is. This literacy also remembers a lot of words.

Using Street Signs to Literate

The child is a curious child. Every time he goes to play on the street, he is very interested in learning the Chinese characters on the street signs. In the street or in the park, let the children stay in the place with Chinese characters for a while, and let the children read and recognize them. In this way, every time the children go to play, they will have a harvest. This occupational interest has been growing continuously until now. Although children can correctly understand the characters on the street provided basic information, sometimes they can’t help reading it because they see many children, and sometimes they read several Chinese characters on street signs together to form a Chinese character. An important sentence with uniqueness that often makes us laugh out loud. After the effect analysis, children's literacy increased again.

parent-child reading method

To say that we don’t use many of these literacy methods. Although children remember many words, they only know the words, don’t use them at all, and don’t understand the meaning of the words. Therefore, after the child is three years old, the most commonly used method of literacy is through the reading and literacy of parents and children every night. Put the child to bed every night before going to bed, read with the child for an hour or half an hour, pick up a simple story book, read together, read together, as time goes by, you will gradually find that the child can read a lot of words .

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