Excel files

In fact, excel table is very powerful, there we can use it to collect information to record relevant data, a simple statistical analysis of the ability to calculate as well as function function design can be fully utilized. The following small make-up for you to bring the basic method of excel table steps, I hope to help you!

Excel table of basic steps

Open excel table

Click Start in the lower left corner of the computer, select All Programs - Microsoft Office - Microsoft Excel 2003 to open the spreadsheet, or click the spreadsheet button in the taskbar to open the spreadsheet.

Recognize the form.

Spreadsheets can be categorized into menu bar, toolbar, title bar, name box, formula edit box, worksheet tabs and drawing toolbar.

Saving Methods.

I only know how to open a spreadsheet. Now let's see how to save a spreadsheet format.

You can click the menu "File" select "Save", enter the data file name information on it,word to pdf converter free download offline you can also click the toolbar save management button, as shown in the figure.

Close the method.

There are two ways to close the spreadsheet. You can click the Close button in the upper right corner of the menu bar.

You can also click File-Close in the menu.

Data Entry.

Click to select the cell you want to edit and then enter the contents. This will save the collected data in the spreadsheet.


You can modify the formatting of the input. Choose the font, font size, black color, etc.pdf split and merge download online Set and change colors.

All of these questions operate through the basic information of an electronic data form. It is only the most basic content, if students want to learn more, they need to practice more. Improve in the actual work operation, practice makes perfect.

How to encrypt Excel files

1. you want to open the encrypted excel file, click "File", select "Save As".

2. Click on this screen "Tools", select "General Options". 3.

3. At this time, the "Set Password" window will appear. Set a password for open access and a password for modify access. These two passwords can be different, and then click OK. 4.

4. You will be prompted to confirm your access password and change it again.

5. At this point, the system will prompt you to replace the previous file, and then click "Yes".

6. at this point to excel encryption is set up on the completion of the next time we can open this data file in China will need to enter the password.

Excel how to auto-fill

1. First of all, open excel, in a box, enter any number, here enter 10;

2. Move the mouse to the bottom right corner of the grid, it will turn into a + .convert word to pdf with embedded excel files Drag to the right and we will see the filled number 10 as we select the copied cell

3. Select the option in the fill sequence, you will see the number sequence auto-fill;

4. the same ', enter a point in time to carry out a job, the mouse over the lower right corner of the box into such a "+" shape when dragging down, we teachers can see for themselves that it is in accordance with the development of the time sequence is automatically filled; 5.

5. Similarly, enter the date and drag it, Excel will automatically increment by day; 6.

6. Sometimes we do not want to fill in the date day by day. What do we do it click on the bottom right corner of the red mark, we can choose to fill in the month or year;

7. Select to fill in the month teaching effect is analyzed as follows: