pdf recognition is a very important and practical function, it can be extracted by allowing us to study the text content of the pdf file, easy to edit, convert and share.

Do you know how to read PDF?pdf to word converter offline software free download full version I share the following three software, they provide PDF recognition, but also supports a variety of formats and language recognition, I hope to help you find their own software.

1.i love pdf

OCR technology-based document recognition pdf editing software can help us quickly convert PDF files into editable text format.

The software supports recognition and conversion of multiple languages,word to pdf converter online i love pdf both Chinese and English and other languages can be easily recognized.

In addition, it provides a variety of features such as exporting data for easy data analysis and management.

This software is very suitable for our users who need to deal with a large number of documents and require efficiency and convenience.

Most importantly, it is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps, saving your time and effort. If you need a convenient and useful document conversion tool, it is surely a good choice.


Open the system software, select "All Management Tools" inside the "PDF Recognition" function, import the pdf file we need to identify;

Select the recognition language and output format,merge word documents online i love pdf click the "Start Recognition" button.

Wait for the completion of the recognition, edit and adjust as needed, save and export the results.

2. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a very popular browser software, it has a built-in pdf reader and recognition system functions.

You can open PDF files directly in the browser and use MicrosoftEdge built-in OCR technology text recognition and extraction.

The software supports multi-language recognition and conversion, suitable for people who need simple ocr recognition.

Operation steps:

Open MicrosoftEdge browser and import the PDF file to be recognized

Click the "Text Markup" button in the right menu bar, select the text area to be recognized in the pop-up window;

Click the "Save" button, you can ocr recognition results copied to the clipboard or pasted to other applications in the system program.

3. WPS

WPS is a domestic office software, which provides a variety of document processing and management functions, including PDF recognition.

We can use WPS built-in ocr technology to extract text content from the pdf file for editing and conversion, which focuses more on document processing and editing of advanced features.

Operation steps:

Open WPS software, in the "Convert" inside the "Extract Text" function.

Select the conversion type and output mode, click the "Start Conversion" button, wait for the conversion to complete.

Edit and adjust the information as needed, save and export the results.

Now you know how to read PDF? All these three programs provide PDF recognition, which enables us to extract, edit, convert and share text from PDF files quickly and easily.

The addition of these programs not only makes pdf recognition more convenient and efficient, but also provides a new document processing and management experience for everyone.