RAM determines

Computer in the operation of the memory work "most tired", if the computer memory is exhausted, it will lead to the operating system is not smooth, in computer terms is very card,convert word to pdf online free without losing formatting which is why so many people have memory chips in their lives on the computer, because of the lagging Wood. Adding a memory chip does improve the smoothness of the operating system, but it doesn't make sense to blindly upgrade to run on memory, running on memory isn't always better.

The size of the system running management memory capacity can be viewed within the computer

Computer running memory, also known as the main memory, running memory can not be used as the main memory, the main role of the running memory is: temporary storage of data used to exchange cache data with the CPU, the operating system can run how many programs depends entirely on the capacity of the running memory, the larger the running memory, the smoother the operating system performance is better. the CPU is the computer's computational core, but also the computer's control core. Even so,merge 2 jpg files into 1 pdf the latest technology in Intel I9 CPUs and AMD R9 high-performance CPUs can't do without enough running memory. If there is not enough operating memory, the performance of the CPU remains on hold. Running memory is required for tasks such as the computer's operating system, CPU operation, user software, game loading, graphics and image processing. Therefore, the computer's memory card is the most "tired" part of the computer, because the hardware and software simply can't do without it.

The size of the RAM determines how smoothly the system runs.

Since the role of RAM is also so great, then maximize the capacity of the system to upgrade the operating memory can get to improve the speed of student computer development? No, the computer market running memory is not the larger the degree of certainty the better, the role of memory is a temporary storage space data technology used to exchange economic cache data with the CPU, so for the appropriate size of the memory capacity depends on the performance of the CPU, only the CPU has enough security performance is needed through the exchange of high-speed cache data, if the CPU's performance is poor, even if it is to maximize the installation of the memory stick is also worthless. Memory sticks are also worthless meaning, running memory capacity size of the maximization of the definition we can no longer determine the death of the excess main memory will lead to the emergence of a variety of excess resources,pdf editor free the best to understand the real image decomposition method is to use the computer to learn the task manager in the CPU and memory performance ratio, CPU and memory performance research under-analysis can be more clear and intuitive understanding of the mastery.

You can use the task manager to determine whether there is enough memory

How to identify whether their computer has insufficient memory?

Open commonly used software and/or games, and then open the Task Manager on your computer to check the operating memory and CPU utilization. If the CPU utilization is 7% , the operating memory utilization is already half or more (as shown above), this means there is room for more operating memory that can be loaded to improve the smoothness of your computer, and vice versa, if the CPU is as high as 80% and the operating memory is down to about 20%, then the CPU is running poorly and there is no point in upgrading the operating memory.