cellulose sponge cloth manufacturers

Introducing the revolutionary Nano-Coconut sponge: a highly porous foam with a unique three-dimensional network structure. Utilizing physical decontamination, the Meijiaxin product features tiny particles that are less than one thousandth the size of a hair. cellulose sponge cloth manufacturers When soaked, it forms countless nano-sized pores within its special mesh structure, effortlessly absorbing surface stains when used for wiping. With just a touch of water, these white sponges become powerful cleaning agents, capable of tackling stubborn grime without the use of harsh chemicals or bleach spray fumes. From stovetops to sinks to crayon marks on tables and tough bathroom stains like limescale and grime, these sponges are perfect for all surfaces in your home. Say goodbye to scrubbing struggles!

When using China's nano-composite Coconut sponge, which has a very good cleaning power, especially on surfaces that are easy to polish and scratch, I hope you will pay attention to the following points.

Flowerpots that are waterproof

Many of my friends grow flowers at home, and sometimes watering too much can rot the roots. All you need is to place a coconut sponge in the bottom of the pot and fill it with soil and plants.

In the future, coconut sponge cities are more likely to drown if it rains heavily.

Clean the pelvic floor

In flower pots, the jar has a hole for draining water. Sometimes, if you pour too much water into the pot, the mixed soil will run out of the muddy water, causing the bottom to become very dirty.

Fruits and vegetables should be washed

You can use a cleaning cloth not only to clean dishes, but also to wash fruits and vegetables. For example, if you want to remove burrs from the cucumber skin, use the rough side of the cloth.

Keep the glass and blinds clean

The coconut sponge can also be used to help wipe! Use a knife to make a slit in the side of the sponge.

On top and under, use an iron clip and a coconut sponge.

After wetting the Coconut sponge, you can easily clean the accumulated dust problem by cleaning the window system or using the blinds.

Maintain window crevices by cleaning them

It is easy to clean areas prone to ash accumulation, such as cracks in windows, with a coconut sponge cut and glued with chopsticks or a small stick.

The electric fan should be cleaned

While the electric fan's net cover looks very clean, it is easy to collect dust between the gaps in its cover. If you want to scrub the dish Coconut sponge, just cut it sideways a few times and then lengthwise a few times, being careful not to cut off the mango flesh. Cut off the mango flesh. Wet the Coconut sponge, and then start scrubbing.

Pipes should be cleaned regularly

The pipes in the yard took a long time to grow moss. Peel off a layer of Coconut sponge and roll it into a cylinder. Insert it into one end of the pipe and connect it to the faucet. Make sure that the inside of the pipe is clean by turning on the faucet and flushing the coconut sponge and dirt.

Deodorizer for refrigerators

Put baking soda on a coconut sponge and use it to create a simple deodorizer. Place it in the refrigerator to get rid of odors.