This sports watch with both formal and dressy style is also a Chinese debut

The Imperial Regal Collection, which debuted in Shanghai in July 2020, was initially launched for the Chinese market a few months later. The Imperial Collection features an integrated chain design, in line with the popular elements of the sporty steel watches that have become so popular in recent years. The inclusion of Roman numeral time scales, and calendar display windows give the collection the character of a sports watch with a touch of business. I see this as a collection that sits somewhere between a sports watch and a dress watch, both at the same time.

Tudor Royal Collection

The word "Royal" comes from the original meaning of the word Tudor: the Tudor dynasty. In fact, the brand has been using "Royal" as a product name since the 1960s, with Ref. 7934 being the earliest of the Royal watch series. However, this piece was short-lived, and Tudor was unable to continue the collection for a long time afterward. After so many years, the name "Royal" has been used again for a new model, which also pays tribute to the historical piece.

Tudor Official Website

Although the Royal Collection has some elements such as wrinkled rings, Roman numerals and a double calendar window similar to the Rolex Sunday Calendar, according to the brand's website, TUDOR 1926 M91351-0002the Royal Collection is not a classic watch, but a juxtaposition of sports watches (sports watches), collar potentials, rider types, and start times.

The "sportiness" of the Royal Collection is first and foremost reflected in the one-piece bracelet design, which has been adopted by popular high luxury sports watches such as the Royal Oak and Nautilus. The advantage of the one-piece bracelet is that it eliminates the lug structure and combines the head and bracelet into one, which not only gives the watch a cleaner look, but also a stronger overall impression. The main part of the bracelet adopts the same polishing process as the case, gradually narrowing from wide to wide, and the interval links are polished with high gloss. The two processes are intertwined to reflect different shades of luster, adding a sense of refinement. The sporty aspect of the collection is also enhanced by the fact that, thanks to the screw-down crown, it is water-resistant to 100 meters, which is higher than the water-resistance standard of 30 to 50 meters for regular official watches.

The pitted bezel, the sunray dial, the three-dimensional Roman numeral hour markers in metal, together with the function of a weekly calendar data display system, are all elements that can often be found through classic formal watches. The pitted bezel, in particular, is very reminiscent of Rolex's famous triangular pitted bezel (i.e., the "dogtooth bezel"). Rolex has extensively studied the use of the triangular pitted bezel in its two product lines, the Logbook and the Weekly Logbook, and the design, which dates back to the last century, is intended to continuously increase the friction of the bezel and facilitate screwing. Today, although the front open cover design has been withdrawn from the stage of China's historical development, the triangular pitted bezel, after years of use, has in fact become a signature element of Rolex, as a highly recognizable decorative art element of the enterprise can be realized to retain.

Like the snowflake pin related to the Mercedes-Benz pin, many of the designs of dial watches have been inspired by Rolex and show the unique characteristics of the brand. The royalty rings are equally recognizable, with bright faces and indentations separated from one another. This texture is usually seen on medals or plaques and can be used on panels to add a bit of panache.

Another strength of the Royal Collection is the wide range of diameters and plate materials. The collection offers a wide range of diameters of 28 mm, 34 mm, 38 mm and 41 mm,TUDOR Ranger M79950-0003 all with 316L steel bezel and 18K gold ring versions, to maximize the satisfaction of different genders and body sizes of cousins' wearing needs. In addition, the addition of a mother-of-pearl disc and diamond-set hour markers ushers in a bit of elegance to the collection, which can also be worn as a formal watch.

The Double Rudder Royal Calendar model carries the T603 movement based on the SELLITA SW240-1. As the power supply for the ETA movement was reduced, the SELLITA movement, with its almost identical construction and reliable performance, became the optimal solution in the "Unified Core" scheme. However, the rudder base has not been deeply modified, so the motion dynamic storage of the T603 is still 38 hours. At a time when long power campaigns are becoming increasingly popular, 38 hours of storage seems insincere. Fortunately, in recent years,TUDOR Ranger M79950-0002 the Imperial rudder has stepped up its exploration of the original sport. Currently, all sports watches under the Royal Rudder, with the exception of the Royal Collection and Departure Time, have been upgraded to 70 hours of dynamic storage through the chronometer certification of the original MT movement. Also as a sports watch Royal Collection, it is more than likely that the iteration will also replace the Mountain Movement, it may be interesting to see.

While it's a bit of a shame that the MT movement is not installed in the current sale, from another perspective, the benefit of a unified movement is a lower cost, which keeps the price of the Royal Collection Calendar (model: Ref. 28600, 41mm) at $17,700. Combined with the product performance and design features, this formally styled sports watch is competitive within the $20,000 budget.