business leader

1, enthusiasm

One of the emotional characteristics of personality is that people should be enthusiastic, and always maintain warm feelings when interacting with people in business activities. Enthusiasm will make people feel friendly and natural, thus shortening the emotional distance between each other, and create a good environment for the exchange of ideas and emotions with you.Forbes 30 Under 30 But not too enthusiastic, too much will make people feel insincere, to be on guard, invariably build a psychological defense.

2, cheerful

One of the characteristics of extroversion, manifested in frankness, frankness.Fortune 40 under 40 list With this kind of character, people can actively communicate with others, can be learned in the exchange of nutrients, knowledge growth, cultivate friendship.

3, gentle

One of the characteristics of character development factors, manifested as not harsh, not rude. People with this different character of China, willing to discuss with others, can accept to learn the views of others, so that others feel friendly, easy and others can establish a close relationship, businessmen need to pass this thought character. However, moderate can not be too much, too much is boring, not conducive to social interaction.

4, perseverance

One of the will characterization factor of personality. The task of business management activities is complex, the realization of business management activities are always accompanied by the goal of overcoming difficulties, so people must need to have the character of perseverance. Only firm will, perseverance, can find ways to overcome difficulties, to achieve the expected research objectives of economic business practice activities.

5, patience

Patience, impatience has the character of patience and impatience. As their own organizations or customers, employers and the public "intermediary", will inevitably be the public complaints, complaints become "sandbags". Therefore, a lack of patience will further strain complaints between your organization or clients, employers and the public, making it impossible to carry out your work. When the public is used as a punching bag, it is best to immediately force ourselves to put ourselves in the position of the complainant. Only in this way will we be able to withstand the "pressing challenge", evaluate the situation objectively and successfully resolve the conflict. Be patient in your daily work. Be a patient listener, show interest and concern for what others say, be a patient persuader, let others accept your ideas without feeling forced.


Generosity is one of the qualities that should be possessed. In socializing, business people should allow the existence of different opinions, if others unintentionally infringe on your interests, to forgive him. If you forgive others' mistakes, allow others to be different from you in all aspects, others will feel that you are a tolerant person, willing to socialize with you.

7, generous

Behave naturally and without constraints. On behalf of the organization to communicate with the community and participate in a variety of social activities, so be sure to pay attention to the posture and demeanor, to be generous, stable and dignified. Do not be timid, shy, flustered, careless or aggressive. Sit and stand correctly, walk steadily, speak in a calm tone, and use moderate intonation and gestures. Only in this way can you make people feel that you represent the reliability and maturity of the business.

8, sense of humor

Funny or ridiculous and meaningful literacy. We should try to make our words and deeds, especially our speech humor. Can make people feel excited and lively because of you, can let people get inspiration and encouragement from you.

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