How to make hotel service stand out in peak season?

How to make hotel service stand out in peak season?

The hotel industry has always had a word that the peak season is weak, outcall massage hong kong especially the resort hotel, which is in such a unique position in the popular scenic spots or natural scenic spots. In high season, rooms are easily booked up.

But the gains from the peak season have less and less impact on ordinary hotels. outcall massage services In an environment of reduced consumption, vacancy rates remain high and sometimes even operate at a loss. How can hotels seize the summer holiday season and completely solve the problem of high vacancy rates?

Hotel positioning

Regardless of the size and type of hotel, it is necessary to conduct detailed data analysis of the surrounding environment and market development, including the size of the hotel, local cultural tourism information resources and so on.

For operating a hotel, if it needs to be transformed or repositioned, it must also seriously consider market demand and target customer groups, targeted optimization and improvement. Because the wrong positioning will bring huge operating pressure to the hotel, even the best marketing strategy is difficult to compensate.

Crowd location

When guests stay at a hotel, they expect quality service. As a result, hotels need to constantly optimize their services to meet the needs and expectations of their customers. The hotel can introduce the appropriate package according to the customer's travel plan, and adjust and improve it according to the customer's requirements. In addition, improving the hotel's accommodation, catering, entertainment, amusement and other services is also an important means to enhance customer experience.

Hotel renovation

Once the hotel positioning, customer positioning, it is necessary to do a good job of hotel and customer vacation services. For example, close to the seaside resort hotel, you can do a good job of seaside entertainment facilities. Close to these secluded natural scenic areas, due to traffic problems, entertainment, shopping is relatively scarce, the hotel can provide one-stop services.

But many hotels have the determination to change, but there is no financial support, only support. In fact, it is easy to get funds, which has to mention that the industry solution proposed by the origin list is "vacancy replacement ".

If there are too many empty rooms and the flow of funds is not smooth, in fact, we can try through this research method. The core of empty room replacement is to take the empty room of the hotel to replace the necessary consumer goods, OTA operation, traffic management services. That is to say, to take their own behavior of worthless things, to exchange others to provide valuable things, in order to achieve win-win cooperation and development purposes.

In addition, there are many consumables that can be replaced, such as (slippers, coffee, tea, disposable toothbrush, razor, care kit, sewing kit, soap, shower cap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion), which basically covers the needs of the hotel. Replacing the professional services operated by online travel agencies can help hotels upgrade, sales and other key figures, in short, do not lose on the car!

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