Advantages and application scope of machine vision recognition system

Machine vision recognition management system can use high-resolution industrial CCD ingestion detection images and converted into digital signals, and then use China's advanced computer network hardware and software engineering technology for effective processing of image data signal problems vision system companies, so that we can get the required characteristics of the various teaching target image value, and from this we realize the enterprise product parts identification or defect detection, at present our country mainly includes for Defect detection, size measurement, angle measurement, character recognition and so on.

automated inspection system and identification of the advantages of the difference between human vision;

1. Non-contact measurement does not cause any damage to the observer and the observed, thus improving the reliability of the system.

2. Having a wide spectral response range, such as infrared measurement which is not visible to the human eye, expands the visual range of the human eye.

3. It is difficult for human beings to observe the same object for a long time, but machine vision can complete the measurement, analysis and identification tasks for a long time.

4. Machine vision problem solving solutions can be utilized to bring considerable benefits to the company's development by saving a lot of labor market resources.

Automatic visual recognition system is widely used in many industries.

1. Electronics industry: semiconductor component surface defects feature monitoring, character printing defect detection, chip pin package integrity detection, component damage detection, terminal pin size detection, knitting machine component polarity identification, keyboard character detection.

Manufacturing industry: parts appearance detection, surface scratch detection,automatic visual inspection system leakage treatment detection, surface burr detection.

4. Printing industry: printing quality inspection, printing character detection, bar code recognition, color difference detection, etc..

5. Automotive development electronics: panel printing product quality inspection, character detection, SPI detection technology system, color difference detection;

6. Pharmaceutical industry: medicine bottle packaging defects monitoring, drug packaging defect detection, capsule packaging quality inspection; food industry: appearance packaging inspection, food packaging defect detection, appearance of the inner quality inspection, color quality inspection, food packaging positioning, etc..

7. Hardware industry: tiny metal positive and negative discrimination, parts surface detection, parts size detection, etc..