Underneath the front bumper on many cars is a trim piece that is called a bumper molding. This trim piece can often become damaged or bent. If this happens, it may be difficult to fix.

One way to fix a bent or damaged bumper molding is to trim it under the front bumper. This can be done with a basic hand saw or with a special trim tool. Once the trim is cut, you will need to sand it down and paint it back to its original condition.

The trim under the front bumper is called a bumper molding. It's a small, but important part of the car's exterior.

If it's damaged or missing, it can create an unsightly gap between the car and the curb. In some cases, it can also be difficult to fix.

There are several ways to fix a bumper molding. You can either replace it completely with a new piece of trim, or you can just fix the damage and leave the old trim in place.

Either way, it's important to get the repair done right the first time so that the bump doesn't become too noticeable.

There are a few common types of bumper molding, and each one requires a different type of fix. The most common type of bumper molding is called a “drop-in” bumper. This type of bumper is fitted directly to the front end of the car, and it requires no modifications to the car’s frame or bodywork.

If your bumper is missing or has been damaged, you will need to replace it. To do this, you will first need to remove the front bumper cover. You can then use a trim saw to cut away the excess material around the perimeter of the replacement bumper. Make sure that you keep the original trim in tact – it will be used to attach the new bumper to the car.

If your car has a “floating” or “bump-out” style bumper, you will also need to remove the original bumper and replace it with a new one. In this case, you will need to drill holes in the vehicle’s frame in order to fit the new bumpers. Once again, make sure that you keep the original trim in tact – it will be used to attach the new bumpers to the car.