Why do we use PDFs when they are so cumbersome to use? An in-depth analysis of four factors

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What is the significance of using DOCX format documents over PDF documents?

Let's analyze the reasons today!

PDF has four advantages

The page layout of PDF documents is fixed, so printing, transmission, sending, and cross-device viewing are not concerns.

As a result of PDF's high compression ratio, it has a small file size while maintaining clarity.

It is possible to set restrictions on PDF by a document management system, such as restricting editing, restricting opening, combine pdfs for free windows,restricting printing, restricting copying permissions, setting passwords, etc.

A PDF format for vector graphics support can be considered very friendly, especially when it comes to graphic clarity, which does not affect zooming.

From the above, what can be deduced?

It is possible to read, print, and transmit PDF files.

A PDF can be read by different electronic products, different system equipment, and different file formats.

3. Do engineering for the design of CAD drawings friends can ensure that students know that most of the problems when the CAD converted to PDF is when the enterprise in order to transmit the document to the party or the work of the leadership to see ah, PDF can get better, more convenient to present the document. Printing is also very convenient!

2. A PDF signature, encryption, watermarking, as well as copyright protection and transmission security!

Besides working and studying, we also look at PDF documents a lot!

When writing a paper, many downloads are in PDF format.

Many PDF formats are available for public information, such as exams, practical questions, and other information.

Many novels are now available in PDF format!

PDF format documents are encountered in countless jobs, especially in design and operations.