Shutters for the study can also be chosen in the same color and sheen as the furniture material. The human body reacts differently to different colors, and according to the law of classical conditioned reflex,shutter window using visual colors to change the seasonal warmth and coldness of a room is a good way to do this. Assuming that the overall color change in the home is not ideal, then putting up a lush decorative painting can also add a lot of coolness to the bedroom. Light, the light in the study can not be too strong, too strong light will hurt the eyes, not suitable for reading, so reading and work-oriented learning is best to choose the best choice in the north-oriented house, choose the sun to block the direct sunlight, the natural study will look much cooler. If the room does not get enough sunlight, indirect light sources can be used if necessary. It is best to use a soft white light source for studying, as this will help relieve eye strain.

Soundproofing design study is a place of study and work, relatively simple to ask for quiet, so that can progress in the development of work management efficiency, so in the decoration of the city study should be selected for those with sound insulation and sound absorption results of good decorative engineering materials. The ceiling can use sound-absorbing gypsum board ceiling, walls can be used between the PVC sound-absorbing board or soft package decorative fabric and other decorative, air we can use sound-absorbing results of good carpet, curtains should choose to use thicker materials to block the noise outside the window. Furniture desk: study are about China's central demand for lighting and lighting is very high, because the human eye in too strong and weak light work, will have a great impact on vision problems.sheer fabric So the best writing desk can be placed in the student sunlight provides plenty of time but does not include direct sunlight by the window.

This way, when you are tired of working, you can look out of the window and give your eyes a break. Assuming that you have a lot of books in your study, then you have to think about the nuisance caused by the summer rainy season. The best way to do this is to place the bookcase on the sunny side and the desk on the sunny side so that the collection of books and reading will not be affected. There is no harm in choosing a transparent glass desk for a modern study and a bookcase with a fresh fabric The appearance of the bookcase is best in a straight line. Glass desk arm bent over the desk will feel cool, if with a mesh office chair it will be difficult to cool.

Assuming a plant is placed in the corner of the bookshelf, the fresh and cool feeling cannot be helped. The chairs are rattan products made of natural materials that easily remind us of the presence and beauty of nature. It is good to put a rattan rocking chair in the study and lie down on it to rest when you are tired of reading. Material, good furniture materials, give a person a gentle, quiet feeling, but the choice of furniture for study room decoration should be based on the learning style and personal preferences to decide. Chinese classical study may wish to choose furniture made of logs. This material not only meets the temperament of the study, but also gives a feeling of calmness and relaxation. Seeing this color, the patience that the hot summer brings, will disappear. The study must be equipped with table lamps and bookcase spotlights, the study must be equipped with table lamps and bookcase spotlights, so that it is convenient for the owner to read and find books. But note that the light should be even, in the middle of reading and writing, no

It is desirable to be too close to people, so as not to glare. Decorating the study can also have more ways to create peace of mind, let's say in the study put a large fish tank, which raised some of their favorite fish, the existence of a large fish tank can not only send out a cool, leisurely swim in the fish can also add some vitality to the study.