adult products

What are adult products?

Adult products refer to the use of a number of aids to help adults obtain sexual assistance, not only to increase sexual interest and improve the quality of sex life, but also to bring positive effects on sexual health. For example, menopausal women can use adult products to maintain vaginal elasticity and avoid conditions such as incontinence. Some doctors also recommend adult toys to women who are unable to achieve orgasm.

According to the investigation and analysis of the current situation of China's adult products industry and the market outlook forecast report released by China Industry Research Network, in the face of the huge market space, high operating profits, and the fast-growing sunrise gold industry - sexual health care products market, many people have begun to pay attention to this piece of emerging "cheese" and enter the industry.vibratir for women As for the Chinese habit of following the trend, sex stores of various sizes have sprung up.

With the change of people's sexual concepts, sex products have gradually become a kind of daily necessities to satisfy people's normal physiology and improve the quality of sexual life. More and more people are using sex toys in their lives, and society's acceptance of sex toys is growing.

For couples, adult products are no longer a strange word. China is is the world's largest producer of adult products in the global economy, but also China's largest consumer of adult products in the world. In recent years, China's adult products market demand scale has been gradually can increase. The following is a study and analysis of the evolving trends in the adult products industry.

Due to the nature of multi-sectoral regulation, the sexual health care products market has been in the state of informal development for many years, and the market is generally characterized by confusing brands, the proliferation of counterfeit and shoddy products, exaggerated publicity, exaggerated prices and other phenomena. In the face of this situation, the relevant state departments continue to investigate and regulate the market, but every day there are still consumers in different "sex stores" in contact with illegal products. Now from three aspects of the development trend of the adult products industry.

Adult products industry development trend, the customer base continues to grow

Network adult products market is a rapidly developing impulsive consumer market, the customer base will continue to grow.hands free clit massager In the past three years, the size of the online adult products market has shown jumping growth, but the characteristics of impulsive consumption are quite obvious. Considering the growth of the online adult products market, the customer base of online adult products will continue to grow. Meanwhile, domestic brands are gradually taking their place in the market, but forcing export manufacturers to pay attention to the domestic market.

Adult Products Industry Trend 2. Towards Personalization, Diversity and Engagement.

With the arrival of China's fourth retail revolution, users can begin to continue to pursue their own personalized, diversified and sense of participation, adult learning supplies industry market development creativity to win. 90 after the "fresh meat" erotic users accounted for more, reflecting this kind of student users whether they are willing to taste the characteristics of the fresh. At the same time, some niche categories of adult supplies strong growth, entity inflatable doll is gradually becoming the world market new hotspot, from which we can see that creativity is an important component of the absorption of powder.

Third, the development trend of adult products industry, personalized, niche brands still have opportunities

Large brand condoms continue to grow rapidly, personalized and niche brands still have opportunities. The condom market has long been dominated by international brands, and it is relatively easier for national brands to grow rapidly. At the same time, personalized products, including fruity and spiral, are becoming more and more popular, and product creativity is expected to become a development opportunity for niche brands.

Fourth, the development trend of the adult products industry, both price and experience

Online adult products need to balance price and experience, looking for target customers is the focus of high-end erotic products brand marketing. The "gold master" of online adult products users is mainly blue collar and small white collar. For high-end sex toys, finding target users is the focus of brand marketing. Because the product experience is less than expected when the user is easy to "spit", cost-effective is an important factor affecting the online sales of adult products.

Now the adult learning supplies business is generally based on these categories, contraceptive devices, male devices, erotic lingerie, female devices, health care lubrication devices, aphrodisiac health care drugs, etc., adult supplies is to improve the quality of their sex life products. In the adult toys category, the domestic production for most of the manual, after studying foreign innovative financial technology, high-tech technology research and development design out of the automation system,remote controlled vibrators changed China's original manual control performance, to the adult supplies management innovation has brought us a fundamental change. High-tech has changed people's original way of life and work, adult supplies to join the industry is also so. Adult supplies in also in the continuous reform and innovation ability to continue to change. The domestic economy presents a vigorous and rapid development of the momentum, will lead the adult products to the development of social health construction road.

In short, with the rapid elimination of the industry's "social shackles concept", adult products have generally entered people's lives, China has about 500 manufacturers and about 200,000 online and offline retail stores. On these three platforms, safety contraceptives account for more than 50% of sales. In the future, the adult products market will gradually build up its scale and develop into a system, and the industrial chain will tend to mature. This is all about the trend analysis of the adult products industry.