The files that my computer deleted by mistake are too big to put in the recycle bin. Can I recover the files? The answer is yes. Then how do I recover deleted files? Don't worry, the following teaches you how to recover deleted files in this situation.

1. Why large files are not in Recycle Bin after deletion?

Why when we delete large files, a prompt window "File is too large to be placed in the Recycle Bin,convert scanned pdf to word online free large files will be deleted permanently" will pop up, why such a prompt window will appear? In fact, the main reason for this problem depends on the size of the file we want to delete, which exceeds the system default space allocated to Recycle Bin, resulting in the file deletion cannot be put into Recycle Bin. If you click the Yes button in the pop-up window, how can you find these files if you need to use them later instead of in the Recycle Bin? Don't worry, you can follow the method below.

2. How to recover large files that are not in Recycle Bin after deletion?

Backup Functions from Windows System

If you remember to set up a backup in Windows system beforehand, you can retrieve the deleted large files directly from the backup function of Windows system. Next, please refer to the detailed operation method: open the desktop of this pc interface, in the path bar, type "Control Panel", enter to open the control panel, click on the system and security under the [Backup and Recovery] - [Recover My Files]. In the upper right corner of the recovered files, select the file search method, select the large files to be recovered, click Add Files - finally click Next and select the file recovery location to recover the deleted files to the specified location.

With the help of professional computer data recovery software

If after deleting a large file, no new files are written causing the source file to be overwritten, you can try to recover it easily with professional computer data recovery software. The operation method is very simple, we can recall on which disk the origin file is stored, then stop writing to the lost file disk partition operation and try to scan it with data recovery software to find the file for recovery.

If you don't find the file you want after scanning, you can choose the deep scanning mode, which will detect the large files on the computer more deeply.

3. What is the solution for files too big to fit in the Recycle Bin?

In order to solve the problem of files too large to put into the Recycle Bin, we can increase the space of the Recycle Bin. To do this, right-click the Recycle Bin and select Properties. You can set the value of the Recycle Bin in the "Customize Size" in the Properties settings, and set the space of the Recycle Bin to be large enough, for example, set the value to exceed the value of deleting large files, and then click "OK".

What I have shared above is that we hope we can help you recover deleted large files in time to save your losses. Finally, to remind you, although the above recovery research method is very simple, but if you can not therefore ignore the importance of file backup. Try to backup files in different ways, so that one can effectively avoid file loss some problems.