What are the benefits of famous watches over ordinary watches?

Modern people's standard of living has improved and they are willing to spend money on luxury items. However, some people still think that my dozens of dollars watch is still very nice and punctual, and I don't understand why people buy thousands or even hundreds of thousands of watches. What's so good about them? Today on the issue of small make-up let's talk about: Where is the famous watch better than the ordinary watch?

1 Material

Compared to other ordinary watches, after the famous watch, whether it is the case material or an accessory for the choice of material, all have very picky requirements. Not to say for those who get white gold, gold, rose gold or even platinum table, take the steel table, the stainless steel product material used in the famous table and those we common table is not the same, the most typical example such as Rolex study used for 904L stainless steel, 904L stainless steel is commonly used in the development of high-tech, aerospace and chemical industry, its excellent corrosion resistance comparable to a variety of human studies of precious metals. In addition, on the accessory material materials in general, such as improve wear-resistant sapphire crystal, mother-of-pearl mechanical dial, alligator strap, etc.,TUDOR Royal M28500-0006 the cost is higher than the ordinary table to our country quite a lot.

2 Movement

It can be said that the movement of a famous watch is a work of art, while the movement of an ordinary watch is an industrial watch. The movement of a famous watch can be appreciated over and over again. The movement of an ordinary watch does not even want to look at it again. However, it is estimated that the average watch does not have its back to its inner "core" exposed. In the case of a mechanical watch, the value of its technical movement is at the heart of the watch's value. The movement of an ordinary watch is usually made by a number of machines and is handmade and finely crafted. Of course, there are incomparable differences.

3 Decorative Materials

In order to highlight the decorative and luxurious nature of the watch, the famous watch is often inlaid with real diamonds, jewels, onyx, real gold and silver on the dial, bezel, strap and other decorations, so that the value of the watch is clear at a glance.TUDOR Black Bay Chrono M79360N-0002 This is especially reflected in women's watches, which is one of the reasons why women's watches are mostly quartz but still so expensive. Naturally, ordinary soldiers can't and won't do this. Even if they sought beauty in their appearance, they used artificial stones or gold plating.

4 History and Culture

Some influential families tend to look down on the so-called riffraff or riffraff, this is because both riffraff and riffraff often do not have their own family background, but when it comes to the family of so-and-so century or the medical family, it gives people a sense of dignity and trust, in fact, it is the same name of the same name of the watch. Many famous watches have become famous because they have a long history of origin, and a long history is bound to precipitate a unique emotional culture, this culture can not be copied and the value of renewable resources. Just like the Swiss watch easily handmade inherited for a hundred years, while the ordinary watch, just a product produced. This is the difference between goods and works of art small, often think that the domestic watch is worse than the Swiss watch, technology can also learn to progress, but the history and culture of the gap is really difficult to realize.

5 name brand value

It can be said that many people buy watches because of the name brand value. Brand-name watches and brand-name clothing and bags are the same, is the guarantee of quality, is the embodiment of added value. An ordinary watch,TUDOR Royal M28503-0008 even if it has a brand name, the popularity is incomparable. Just like you buy a Hermes bag, not necessarily very beautiful and sturdy, but it can make you very eye-catching and satisfy your vanity. The same is true for watches. For example, a piece of Patek Philippe or Vacheron Constantin, to give you the added value of vanity, sense of accomplishment and other social attributes, of course, different from ordinary watches.

6 Collections retain their value

People often say that Rolex preservation of value, is the business because you spend how much money to buy it, to sell it maybe we can make money back. Some famous watch maybe they do not do Rolex so as value preservation, but compared to other ordinary watch, the second-hand trading market development is still relatively considerable. In addition, many famous watches because of its special processing technology or unique cultural significance and other attributes, many are limited edition by hand, but also has a certain collection of information value and appreciation for the space, and ordinary watch unless celebrities have worn to give it value-added, or else you can only choose to depreciate.

In short, so expensive watches must be a reason, and people's pursuit of life and hobby, and then decided to choose to buy ordinary watches or ordinary crowd table. When we choose, don't feel that ordinary watches are too shameful, and don't feel that the famous watches are too pretentious, the most important thing is to measure their strength and correct their attitude.