sound-absorbing sponges

Rigid polyurethane foam is made by reacting rigid polyether polyol (polyurethane rigid foam compositions also called white material) with polymerized MDI (also called black material). It is mainly used to prepare rigid polyurethane foam, which is widely used in the fields of refrigerator, cold storage, spraying, solar energy, heating pipeline and construction.

Polyurethane Flexible Foam: According to the different hardness, i.e.cellulose sponge factory load bearing performance, polyurethane flexible foam can be divided into ordinary flexible foam, super flexible foam, high resilience flexible foam and high resilience flexible foam, etc. Among them, high resilience flexible foam and high load bearing flexible foam are generally used in the manufacture of cushions and mattresses. According to the different production processes, polyurethane flexible foam can be divided into block flexible foam and molded flexible foam. Block flexible foam is produced by continuous process and then cut into foam products of the desired shape, and molded flexible foam is a kind of foam product that is directly mixed with raw materials through interstitial method, and then foamed into molds to form the desired shape.

The weight and density of the sponge are important indicators of the substance. The high density of the sponge means that the voids inside are small and the mass is bigger. For example, 40 density means that the weight of a cubic meter of sponge is 40 kilograms, and 50 density means 50 kilograms per cubic meter.

General business, high density sponge hardness is also high, but do not carry out to exclude that they have a high density sponge added super soft additives, which will also make the sponge city become super soft, and we are also can be used directly for sound-absorbing sponges, sofa cushions, soft packages materials.

Low and medium density sponges are used as general protective materials. In addition, the hardness and softness of sponges of the same density are different. Generally do sofa cushion sponge density is about 35, there are soft, hard, super soft and other specifications. The density for making mattresses is usually around 22. The so-called high-density sponge is a common term used by salesmen when introducing goods. According to the customs interpretation, the density is greater than or equal to forty-five is high density, greater than eighteen, less than forty-five is medium density, less than eighteen is low density.

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