Traditional curtains need to be pulled by the person himself, it is difficult to control freely. With smart motorized curtains, we only need to press the remote control like switching on and off the TV, and then we can freely control the electric curtains in bed, even if we forget to close the curtains before going to bed, we don't need to get up to close them. Nowadays, most smart motorized curtains also support cell phones and other channels for control, which means it is more convenient than remote control.

Motorized curtain machine consists of three important parts, the drive motor, the controller management system that controls the smart curtain switch closure, the remote control that operates and sets the curtains, and the track safety device.

Smart home electric curtains classification

Smart home motorized curtains according to the mechanism of action and decorative effect is divided into: motorized opening and closing Electric curtain track series, motorized lifting curtain series, motorized ceiling curtains (outdoor motorized ceiling and indoor motorized ceiling), motorized, shading, motorized shading, and a series of other specific curtains, such as blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds, soft gauze curtains, style curtains, cellular curtains and so on.

From the form can be divided into: Motorized Curtain Track opening and closing curtains, motorized roller blinds, motorized blinds, outdoor awnings, outdoor blinds, outdoor sun shades, hollow blinds, full or semi-shading guide rail roller blinds.

Control mode of motorized curtains

Timing control mode is adopted, that is, the main control sets the switching time of curtains in the morning and evening, and automatically opens or closes the curtains in the morning and evening, and automatically closes or opens the curtains at the closing time. To temporarily open or close, simply use the remote control and press the "open" or "close" button.

Remote Control Use the remote control to control the opening and closing of the curtains. When you need to open or close the curtains at any time, just press the button on the remote control and the curtains will open or close automatically or stop midway.

Intelligent brightness control The opening or closing of the curtains is automatically controlled by the main controller mainly by analyzing and testing the brightness of the working environment, "darkness closes, dawn opens" with intelligent technology management without false action.

Manual switch control, the use of wired panel switches to directly control the opening and closing of curtains. Because the control is done manually by manual switch control, it becomes manual control, i.e., manually controlling the positive, negative and stopping of the motor. It is also possible to make the remote control direct remote control to control the opening and closing of the curtains. You can also use the remote control control receiver for automatic function setting once, open the automatic control function, function control receiver will be set according to the function of automatic curtain control function. Control receiver is the key component of curtain control system.

Ipad control and cell phone remote control are connected through a remote control system to realize remote control and one key setting;

Auxiliary functions of electric curtains: Adaptive according to the environmental brightness, according to the user's different indoor lighting conditions and curtain controller installation location, the user needs to automatically close or open the curtains brightness requirements of different curtains for the user to set the environmental brightness automatic function. According to the user's needs, set the environmental brightness level, adjust the intelligent light-controlled curtains closed or open, more intelligent and humanized.

Intelligent electric curtain system is characterized by intelligence and convenience. Compared with ordinary curtains, intelligent motorized curtain system may be a little more expensive, but it does have incomparable advantages.

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