What do you need to pay attention to when choosing curtains?

What do you need to pay attention to when choosing curtains?

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Select different materials according to the properties of the development space

Curtain materials are more common cotton, cotton, linen, non-woven fabrics, blind curtainpolyester, velvet, etc. We choose curtain materials, according to the use of different space to choose different materials of curtains.

Living room

Living room as the main place for visitors and leisure, the indoor lighting requirements are higher, wall curtainsuch as good light transmission, beautiful appearance of the curtain, especially suitable for the living room, soft and light texture, under the sunlight, showing a hazy beauty, quiet and beautiful.


As a place for daily rest, the bedroom has higher requirements for overall privacy, curtain stylesso it is recommended to choose a thicker cotton and linen fabric, which can effectively block light and play a certain role in sound insulation. Delicate and rich line texture, thick cotton and hemp texture, can inject different temperatures into the space.


As a space for reading, thinking and working, the study room needs to create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. To this end, in the choice of curtains, you can choose a light color linen material curtain, blocking the light at the same time has a sense of transparency, so that the space is not so dull. Feel pure hemp yarn is delicate and light, in the flickering light and shadow, it can easily create a hazy and smart aesthetic feeling.

Rest room

The bathroom is the most private place in the design of all development Spaces, and it can be the most demanding for the material of the curtain. It has to be both private and breathable, and at the same time we have to be waterproof and easy to clean. Therefore, it is recommended to choose blinds of different materials. It can not only have a good water resistance, but also bring a light and shadow effect with a very beautiful line to its small bathroom space environment.

The size is determined according to the actual height of the sill

After choosing the material of the curtain, you need to consider the size. The measurement standard of curtain size is based on the actual width and height of the window sill, according to personal needs.


The horizontal width of the curtain, consistent with the Roman rod and curtain box, can be extended by about 20 cm on both sides after measuring the actual width of the window.


The longitudinal length of the general curtain is more than 5-10cm on the basis of the height of the window sill; If you choose a long curtain, its height should be measured vertically from the top to 1-2 cm off the ground.

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