Smart curtains: the perfect blend of home fashion and convenience

Intelligent curtains are popular in the home textile market With the continuous development of the home textile industry, curtains are moving towards blind Intelligent products are attracting attention in the market, and smart curtains have become a sought-after object. Intelligent curtains are also starting to go to the office.

Intelligent curtains have become a necessity for people's family life, and intelligent digital curtains bring a sense of fashion to people.roller blind Today, people are pursuing a high quality of life, curtains intelligent become an unstoppable fashion trend.

In recent years, the pace of urban construction has been accelerating, residential buildings, office buildings, hotels such as the emergence of spring. At the same time, curtains, as an indispensable part of the decoration, are becoming more and more popular.

At present, the common use of curtains to develop rail transportation are through the wire rope hand-pulled or slide rail type, only one stop part for high-income families can be used is the electric car remote control track, these urban tracks are mainly produced by Taiwan and Guangdong and other places, the price has a fairly expensive.

At present, some domestic companies have developed a new type of intelligent curtain control box function, its performance is more or less the same,motorized roller blind but the price is lower, safe and convenient to install and use, become a new highlight of the curtain market.

This intelligent curtain has the following characteristics:1 . Wireless password remote control; 2. semi-automatic manual control; 3. environmental brightness control; 4. automatic time control; 5. motor work ringing prompts and whole point function.

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