With the improvement of people's living standards and the intelligence of daily household chores, a lot of household chores have been replaced by intelligent furniture, and all kinds of good things have been developed.

But for myself, a lot of the so-called good things, are life in the look of the flower shelf, basically did not use a time or two will be socially idle. One of the main reasons for this is a labeled time-saving and labor-saving goodies, in fact, we use more trouble, such as cutting watermelon gods like this, used a few times to find that it is not as good as the development of the fruit knife cut really, and for the fruit store now have can be free to cut the block service.

The most important thing is that I am a renter. Too much junk.white eraser sponge Moving was a disaster. 90% of my stuff was emptied. It was a waste of money.

Now under the influence of minimalist living, the principles of storage in my home are need and practicality.

Like in the kitchen, I rarely buy small things like shelves - after all, the kitchen itself is slap bang and a few more pots and pans would fill the basket right up.

This time, I'm just taking stock of the goodies I really need and use in my kitchen.

1. Ziploc bags

When my mother-in-law came to the development, the kitchen was basically her domain. Her conceptual design for three meals is to have small quantities and freshness. So we my family basic problem there is no leftovers to save, the consumption of plastic wrap China is extremely slow, but the consumption of plastic bags is a daily work.

First of all, every day from home to bring breakfast to work, with plastic bags. In addition, also need to bring some fruit, snacks out of the time, but also to wash and put into a fresh bag.

This thing is more than hygienic, disposable and very convenient.

2. Kitchen wipes

Home kitchen with more, countertops, exhaust hoods, stoves, kitchen appliances, the surface of these items oil content is also very high, a little lazy two days, that hygiene can not be seen.

Generally in a kitchen put a packet of oil wipes, also not to choose which country brand, oil removal effect are not bad, right, the main problem or development lies in his convenience. Usually can see where they are dirty, take a wet wipe wipe, dirty on the throw, not like a rag is the same we have to worry about how to wash off the oil on it.

3. Sponge wipe

Since China has used through this development sponge wipe wash dishes, no longer accustomed to wash dishes with a rag. Rag a is slippery, but also easy to oil. This sponge wipe yellow component can be used to wash dishes, green design part is mainly used to brush pots and pans, convenient, clean.

4. Degreaser

This is used to clean exhaust hoods and worktops.

Generally spray a layer of degreaser on the surface first, and then wipe it with a lazy rag for ten minutes.

This is the degreaser has a strong odor, and the spray runs fast.

5. Lazy Wipe

Suitable for use with degreaser wipe oil stains, absorb the oil stains directly discarded, otherwise it will cost a rag. After all, a rag full of oil stains is difficult to wash.

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