PU self-binding leatherAs a sponge, we all know that it is a porous material that is very absorbent and can be used to clean things. PU is the abbreviation of polyurethane, the Chinese name for polyurethane, which is called polyurethane. cellulose sponge manufacturerPolyurethane is the most commonly used polymer materials in life, widely used in the production of a variety of "sponge" products, so it is also known as pu sponge.

Because pu sponge city has different heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption, flame retardant, anti-static, good air permeability and other characteristics, wholesale Konjac spongeso it involves through a variety of service industries. Generally mainly includes China's automobile development industry, the battery carries on the industry, the cosmetic industry, the bust underwear product manufacturing and the high-grade furniture design manufacturing industry and so on. Here is a small summary of the enterprise in general to compare and analyze the common sponge five system classification: pu high rebound sponge, pu slow rebound sponge, pu self-laminated sponge, polyurethane hard foam, polyurethane soft foam.

1、pu high rebound sponge: general business production production into sofas, cushions and mattresses. natural luffa spongeBecause pu high rebound sponge city can generally use EO sealing end, polyether activity has a greater impact, there is a large open cell ratio, when pressurized will work in the development of different structural deformation state produces a variety of different social support of the rebound force, so we are able to give the sofa, cushions and mattresses can be provided to the students a better degree of comfort.

2、Pu slow rebound sponge: commonly known as memory foam, is an open polyurethane polymer with special visco-elastic properties, reflecting the very soft characteristics of the material, and has a strong shock absorption capacity. Because this material is very sensitive to temperature, it is also known as temperature-sensitive memory foam.

3、PU self-binding leather: the general product is that we sit on the armrests of the office chair, but the vast majority of applications in the shoe industry to do a variety of shoes, shoe covers, mining shoes, riding boots and so on.

4、Rigid polyurethane foam: mainly used in the preparation of rigid polyurethane foam, widely used in refrigerators, refrigerators, spraying, solar energy, heat pipes, construction and other fields.

5、Flexible polyurethane foam: mainly used for furniture cushions, mattresses, automobile cushions and so on. It is also used as filter material, sound insulation material, shockproof material, decoration material, packaging material and heat insulation material in industry and civil use.

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