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As we all know, search engine optimization of business websites is a way to effectively use the search rules of internet search engines to improve the natural environmental ranking of our current company websites within the relevant information search engines.what does kol mean People engaged in search engine optimization design website SEO has also become more and more, in the management of the website system optimization, the main problem or need to be carried out for Baidu's search engine. Today, I will share with all of us five tips to help you make sense of the entire teaching process, so that you can easily handle the website SEO optimization.

Search engine optimization of search engine optimization and practical tips

First, the steps of search engine optimization SEO

Seo is a mental exercise that requires a lot of patience and attention to detail. Here are the 6 steps.

First, analyze the keywords. This is a key part of SEO. Keyword analysis mainly analyzes the search volume of keywords, competitor analysis, keyword layout, and the relevance of keywords and websites.

Second, analyze the enterprise website system architecture. Reasonable website management architecture is more likely to be able to obtain information search engine preferences, Amazon Classifieds Working Directory is more likely to develop better SEO results by getting. Analyze the company website architecture is mainly to weed out the website architecture bad environment design and other problems, generally will take the tree directory structure, optimize the teaching website navigation and links to achieve that purpose.

Third, optimize the website directory and engine optimization what is On the basis of improving the home page in the search engine website ranking can also improve the website page visits and page views.

Fourth, publish information content and good teaching content. Because the search engine prefers to update the main content of the website on a regular basis, so how to adjust and rationalize how to arrange the website research content can be released schedule is also an important basic skills of China's excellent SEO technical service personnel to master. In addition, but also be able to make the whole website organic through the scientific and reasonable link arrangement, generally in the process will also start the work of friendly links.

Fifth, with the search engine dialog. Eighty-eight foreign search engine to see the effect of SEO, SEO technicians are generally required to master the cloud search engine key site management tools.

Sixth, analyze website traffic. By analyzing the website traffic can be the SEO results as a guide to the next SEO strategy to support, which also has a guiding significance to enhance the user experience.

Second, the search engine optimization enterprise website SEO practical tips

First, URL optimization. A good URL is good for the site. The depth of 2 URL is the best. The most weighted URL is usually the "home page column content", but because the "home page column ... ... ..." and so on, it is not good for search engine optimization. This is because as the level deepens, the weight decreases. In some high-profile portal navigation, although the site can provide users with a large amount of news and data, but its level is basically within three levels.

Second, the optimization of the title. To optimize the web page, the first thing to optimize the title. General cookie cutter take the first line of the web page, that is, the title of the web page. Generally after opening the webpage, you can see the title of the webpage above the address. It can be said that the title is the core of its work in SEO optimization. Optimization of the title should pay attention to the following issues:The title should try to arrange the keywords in the front position, highly generalized, but in line with the grammatical structure, can not be arbitrarily arranged words.

Third, the appropriate use of keywords. Keywords are search engine optimization to implement the core of search engine optimization, so pay attention to the keywords in search engine optimization. In the use of keywords search engine optimization work, first of all, pay attention to customer demand, according to customer demand set keywords; keywords to reflect the characteristics and advantages of the site as far as possible, the aggregation station can be added to its website keywords such as corporate brand, address, focusing on brand advantages and location advantages. The number of keywords is not the more the better, in the use of keywords, but also pay attention to the number and distribution of its location, density and other issues. A web page as far as possible to control the keywords in 3 or less, the content of the web page around the keywords to start.

Fourth, reasonable use of description. Web page in a short description can better guide the search engine and visitors. The use of description, pay attention to the keywords and the content of the correlation is strong, as concise as possible, try to control the 200 characters or less, to supplement the title and keywords in the part not described.

Fifth, the page elements to text-based information. A lot of corporate website web pages using a large number of pictures and FLASH animation in China, but MaiBu search engine can not identify the meaning of the picture files expressed by the natural resources can not be included in the picture in the search engine. Therefore, when editing the content of the page design, if students can choose to use the language text description will try not to use pictures to teach the form of content. Textual content development is the main factor in the composition of the web page content, other countries in different forms of instructions play a supplementary therapeutic role.

Sixth, optimize duplicate content. Search engines have a low preference for duplicate content and are prone to duplicate content in web pages. And there is also the problem of duplicate titles in the list of articles in each column. For page repetition, you can choose the first page of the content page, starting from the second page, in its original title can be inserted into the "second page", so as to form a "second page: the article title" in the form of a large extent, so that you can try to avoid the problem of repetition.

Seventh, reasonable with the network language. Currently the best way is to use DIV + CSS, which is not only more in line with the engine crawl, but also make the page size smaller.

Eighth, the construction of high-quality chain. Website optimization of the construction of external chains is essential, the most important channel to obtain high-quality votes is the website, the construction of external chains is divided into the construction of friendship chains and directory station external chain construction and so on.

Ninth, pay attention to search engine optimization website search engine optimization in a timely manner. Because SEO is always changing dynamically, the user's focus will also change, each search engine algorithm will be adjusted every day, the search rankings will naturally change to some extent.