What are the types of PDF encryption methods?

How to encrypt a PDF file? In fact, there are many ways to encrypt, the key is to see how much you need to encrypt.

For example, I just want to encrypt part of the data, online pdf converter merge compress or delete part of the text, or encrypt the whole PDF file, so that no one can open it.

Above three angles, I shared three PDF file encryption methods, should be the most complete PDF file encryption share ~

First, the basic version of encryption technology.

PDF document“Ciphertext” function tutorial

Sometimes, you need to share PDF courseware and PDF report, but you want to make it public and don't want the core information to leak out. convert merge pdf to single pdf What should I do?

At this point, we must use the PDF software“Encryption” function, its principle is to hide and encrypt sensitive information to avoid data leakage.

PDF document encryption function

The following takes PDF as an example to demonstrate the ciphertext operation method:

Step 1: Install the PDF, word to pdf converter free download offline drag and drop the file directly into the software to open it.

Step 2: Mark the encrypted text area, as shown in the figure below. Click Mark as encrypted text under the Protection option.

Step 3: Save the encrypted document. After clicking “Apply ciphertext“, you can distribute the encrypted document to others.

Click to view PDF document encryption

In the above steps, the method for marking a range is as simple as selecting a text area to mark as ciphertext.

After the completion, the marked regional economy will be covered in black, and other people can no longer view it. The specific teaching effect is shown in the figure below.

Of course, if you don‘t like black, you can select the area, right click, select Properties, set the Mosaic cover color.

Click to view the encryption effect of PDF.

PDF [encrypted text] is characterized by encryption technology, other people can not see the hidden content, can not modify, fully ensure the security of the file.

Second, the advanced version encryption method

PDF document for erasing function design tutorial

If you are uncomfortable with encrypted documents, or want to make PDF documents more beautiful, as fans said in private letters.

If you want to make sure the PDF looks good, it is recommended that you use the PDF eraser function to directly erase important data to prevent information leakage.

Click to view PDF erasure technology features.

The PDF document erasure feature is also easy to work with. Take PDF for example, long-click the mouse, select the area to erase, click“Erase”, erase information.

Click to view the effect of PDF erasure technology.

As you can see from the image above, the erased PDF document is so clean that no one will notice it when they read it.

By the way, the box selection function here can not only erase the information, but also copy the selected text into the picture \\u002Ftext information.

High level encryption method

PDF Document Bulk encryption course

If your PDF document may be very large, and the data of many management pages need to be overwritten, it is too time-consuming for us to mosaic or erase them one by one. It is recommended to use the batch mosaic function.

PDF batch Mosaic function

Under the protect option, click search and mark ciphertext, and then type in the search box the word you want to mark as ciphertext, such as experience.

PDF batch Mosaic function

Click the search button, and PDF will automatically retrieve all the words about the experience.

Before marking a word as encrypted text, check the box on the left, and then click Apply all encrypted text tags to block all similar words.

PDF batch Mosaic function

Is it easy and fast to follow these steps?