wooden blind

Don't know how to choose curtains, don't know how to do partition. Buy blinds.

The biggest charm of blinds is, of course, its adjustment of light and shadow. wooden blindNot only can the degree of light and shadow in the room be adjusted from multiple angles, but also the light can be evenly sprinkled into the room, so that the items in the room look very advanced.

But when it comes to shutters, there is still a lot of opposition around. window blindsSo, blinds in the end is not good, how should be matched?

Today I'm going to talk to all of us about it.

First, the matching of blinds

If the whole house is bright, venetian blindwhite or wood colored shutters and furniture should be used for a more harmonious match.

If the room is dark, you can consider using the same dark blinds, which can make the space look more harmonious.

Color blinds vivid and bright, can be a good way to break the dull sense of space, small partners can try to use a small area, make the mood more relaxed and happy.

General wooden shutters give a quiet feeling, can be used in the bedroom, can create a comfortable sleeping area.

The fine aluminum shutters are more refreshing and can be used on a balcony or in a study where problems require soft and bright light through the space.

Wooden shutters are easy to bring a stable and depressed temperament, and soft and clean curtains can just neutralize this depressed feeling.

Two, the use of many occasions

Rolling shutter doors (fixed blinds) increase air mobility, allowing clothes, shoes and hats stored inside to breathe freely, and the regular lines look beautiful.

Shutter. Generally there are two kinds of folding and push-pull, good light transmission, but also can play a partition role. In the home can be applied to the living room or balcony.

The one-bedroom or loft-style student space is limited, and shutters can be used to separate the bedroom from other functional areas, making it transparent and dividing the space.

The old shutter door can be painted as a bed, and the arrangement and combination can be a font or a high and low staggered.

The former is elegant and retro, which is very suitable for n or Muji style partners, while the latter is lively and simple, suitable for the small partners of natural and bright Nordic style at home.

You can turn photos and postcards upside down as decorative corners in your home.

Put some partitions between the gaps in the blinds to create a perfect shelf.

You can also convert blinds into lampshades or wheelbarrows.

If you have a tea room design or a tatami mat at home, this piece should not be wasted. You can carry out bold layout blinds, will bring a retro and elegant atmosphere to your home life.

Third, the advantages of shutters

Light can be adjusted from multiple angles, friends can comfortably adjust their own light intensity, light and shadow effect is very charming, at home will become very good, easy to master the level.

Good ventilation effect. It is especially suitable for installation in wet places such as bathrooms and kitchens, but the material can be plastic or aluminum shutters.

Privacy. When the blinds are closed, the raised side of the blinds faces the room, making them very tightly closed.

Turn on the light at night without worrying about the shadow on the curtain, and outsiders can easily judge your activities at home.

The style of the shutters is elegant and can be easily matched with various types of furniture. For example, Japanese furniture companies can be reasonably matched with a refreshing MUJI wind.

European furniture can also be well coordinated together.

Even if you had a soy sauce floor, the blinds would fit.

Adjust the indoor temperature. Winter wooden shutters can prevent indoor air flow to the outside, sealing effect is good, improve the heating effect of air conditioning.

In summer, it blocks direct sunlight and improves the cold wind effect of air conditioning.

The curtain system will look a very small if it does not stand up to the sky, but the shutters do not pass this ideological concern and occupy a small area.

It works well with the profiled Windows.

Finally, it can also effectively prevent the entry of ultraviolet light, protecting furniture from the influence of ultraviolet light and fading.

Four, the shortcomings that make people stop

Expensive and troublesome to clean, not friendly to babies living in the Imperial capital, easy to damage.

Poor quality materials are almost impossible to be opaque. When the line of sight is parallel to the tilt Angle of the window, the shutter is a line that cannot hide the object inside.

Therefore, if your home is not in the attic or the bottom floor, in the privacy of the room, bedroom, bathroom, it is best to use very good quality shutters, or add a layer of protection outside the shutters. Like putting a film on the glass, or adding a single layer of yarn.

Pull when not crisp, to carefully adjust the Angle. It is easier to open the curtains directly.

When the wind blows, there's a sound.

These are all annoying little places when using blinds.