Make art students fall in love with Chinese laser - laser engraving

Make art students fall in love with Chinese laser - laser engraving

Following my publication of a series of articles detailing laser cladding and cutting techniques, laserpecker 12 I was recently asked, "As a laser company, is there really any value in participating in a laser Creative Art design competition?" In response, I believe there are three significant reasons to consider. Firstly, the performance and unique characteristics of the laser itself can be effectively showcased through creative artwork. In today's market saturated with similar products, a well-crafted piece can help your brand stand out. Secondly, it is crucial for corporate brands to be promoted through various platforms and channels. A thoughtfully designed artwork can accurately convey the value of your brand and bridge the gap between your company and potential consumers. Lastly, as members of the laser industry, we have an obligation to promote laser processing technology and showcase its capabilities through innovative art pieces. This not only sparks curiosity for laser technology but also contributes to the development of both the laser industry and creative industries as a whole. The social and economic benefits of such efforts are immeasurable.

When China was developing, many areas of innovation were questioned. laserpecker metal engraving In contrast, I believe that the development and application of laser processing technology and intellectual property rights will produce high value-added laser creative products, and that the laser concept culture will become an emerging industry that creates wealth and jobs.

Engraving has been practiced as an art form for centuries. While traditional methods involve carving from the outside, laser engraving takes a different approach by carving from the inside of the material to achieve the desired shape. This advanced technique has become extremely popular in recent years, particularly for engraving on transparent materials like artificial crystal, glass, and acrylic acid. By using a computer-controlled burst point within the glass, laser engraving produces stunning color three-dimensional images. Not only does this method create intricate 3D patterns on transparent materials such as glass, but it also boasts a clean production process that is free of dust, toxic gases, and water consumption.

Glass paintings of landscapes

From the early Dazu laser, Chutian laser to the emerging in recent years, Shi Sheng laser, Guangwei laser, Zenik laser, Centoni laser. Many laser companies have quietly cultivated the laser engraving application market. At present, the practical application scenarios of laser engraving technology are far beyond the scope of people's understanding. There are still many new applications that need to be developed, including:

Industry of mobile phones

The full-screen mobile phone has the ability to display the Made in China logo even when the screen is black, without compromising its therapeutic benefits when the screen is bright. With the advent of 5G technology, advancements in mobile phone materials and manufacturing techniques will be necessary for society to keep up with this new technology. As a result, the full screen logo, two-color mobile phone case, and large-scale data applications engraved on the mobile phone screen will meet the customized learning needs of enterprises in the market.

Industry of glass

Laser engraving on glass, especially with a thick bottom and for perfume bottle logos, as well as for enhancing the design and anti-counterfeiting measures, can enhance the decorative appeal while preventing against counterfeits. This technique caters to personalization of luxury glass products and is applicable to various industries such as glass doors, walls, floors, furniture, computer cases, and more. The tempered glass after laser engraving offers added durability.

Sacred Stone Laser is the source of this image

Industry of lighting

In home lighting as well as industrial lighting for urban lighting projects, laser interior carving technology can show exquisite works of art through art and lighting.

Industry of gifts

A variety of mass consumer carriers of different materials can be personalized using the laser engraving process, which makes its unique products, creativity, and novelty more appealing to consumers.

Besides the scenarios listed above, creative workers must develop many other application scenarios.