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In recent years, the state attaches great importance to the digitization and informatization of traditional carrier archives. The requirements of digitalization and intelligence of archive management have been put forward. With the continuous improvement of the modernization level of China's society,combine pdfs for free windows the construction of archive informatization helps the long-term preservation of internal archives, and its role and importance have been fully reflected.

In the traditional archive management mode, it is more dependent on the way of manual cost management for the collection, organization and storage of archive information technology resources. The way we need to consume a lot of human and material resources, and the overall quality and efficiency of social work life is low.convert scanned pdf to word online free large files In addition, the traditional accounting file management service model has been difficult to get effectively adapt to the needs of personnel to efficiently and conveniently access to archival information, but also can not really achieve the goal of rapid transmission of massive archival information network resources, secure knowledge sharing.

pdf software focuses on the actual business scenarios, PDF-based product capabilities to empower the archives organization to comprehensively enhance the comprehensive level of file management,pdf editor online information technology for the archives to provide strong support.

With the help of advanced PDF editor, the scanner can directly convert paper documents into PDF format electronic documents, and in the conversion process to achieve high compression optimization of documents. For scanning double-sided paper documents, the cross-merge function can merge two documents into one electronic document in the same order as the original paper document.

Document search for efficient retrieval of archive content. Advanced PDF editor supports multi-file and specified directory document retrieval, supports the creation of document indexes, and supports multi-criteria search to improve retrieval efficiency.

Stamping to meet the document flow process of stamping requirements. Advanced PDF Editor provides a wealth of customized stamps and dynamic stamp tools, you can add personal information to meet the document flow process of stamping requirements.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to make the words on paper documents "live". Paper documents or scanned documents can not be edited, but through the OCR text recognition function, you can output editable text, text can be extracted for other purposes.

Rich editing features to make the document rendering more vivid. Produce rich documents through advanced PDF editor, support audio, video, 3D file insertion, set up page switching effect during screening.

Password/certificate protection realizes file access control. Files can only be read and can not be modified in a timely manner, and some even we can not be open only to some people to access. In this case, through the password/certificate control can realize the archives can use the authority information management.

File information construction as one of the overall form of China's file management, fully reflects the future development trend of China's file management. With the development of digital, intelligent records management, PDF Editor will continue to play the role of innovative products to help the archives sector to promote the application of PDF technology in the construction of digital archives.