I bought a box of magic sponges, but there is information on the internet that formaldehyde exceeds the standard. magic erasers wholesaleWill it be toxic after use?

Nanosponge graduate student

In fact, the parameters of the magic nano sponge are in line with environmental standards, the konjac sponge companyand can be used with confidence. Then why formaldehyde can still be used. This situation is a bit like the new house decoration will release formaldehyde, and some home duration even more than ten years.

First of all, we can understand that the harm of formaldehyde is mainly through direct contact, individually wrapped sponges bulkingestion and respiratory contact. However, one of the characteristics of formaldehyde is that it is easily soluble in water, and the concentration of formaldehyde in aqueous solution can be as high as 55% (often heard that "formalin" is formaldehyde water with a concentration of 40%). Usually, when washing dishes with nano sponge, it is soaked in water before use, and the pore structure is as high as 95%, which makes it easy to absorb water. So even if there is some formaldehyde in nano sponge Magic Wipe, there is little residue after a lot of water. Moreover, formaldehyde is not used in a confined space, so it cannot be enriched and has dissipated. Some friends will worry that with the magic of cleaning cups and plates containing formaldehyde, if there is formaldehyde residue on these things, it will be eaten into the body and will not affect our health. As long as the bowl at the entrance is washed several times with clear water and ventilated to dry, you don't have to worry about residual formaldehyde on tableware and utensils. Just like with dishwashing liquid, you still have to rinse it several times to remove chemical residues.

Nano-sponge magic wipes are often used very close to us, it will not increase the concentration of formaldehyde in the air around us and affect our health? In order to answer this question, let's do an experiment: the process is very simple, is in a room with almost only a table, the first test of the room's own air concentration of formaldehyde, then the nano-sponge magic wiper is placed about 10 cm away from the test box to test whether the concentration of formaldehyde in the air has increased. The results showed that the formaldehyde content of the nano-sponge was still between 0.03 and 0.05/m3. The newly developed nano-sponge was used when the formaldehyde content was high, but when the nano-sponge was used, it is used after soaking in water, dissolved in water after the formaldehyde content is not high.

Now we can realize that although nano sponge contains formaldehyde, it is within the standard range and does no harm to our human health. It is not blindly saying that formaldehyde release is unqualified. There are many things containing formaldehyde. As for the consequences, it is better not to exceed the standard. However, when purchasing, we recommend using compressed nano sponge, the formaldehyde content of which is strictly controlled within the standard value. By using high-quality clinker, mature compression technology and in addition to formaldehyde program, the product presents high-quality compression technology foam with high density, no odor, good elasticity, wear resistance and strong cleaning power.

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