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pdf to word We all know that the PDF file is a unique document, but many people's impression of it is two words: trouble! Because it can not be directly edited, can not be copied, but to a lot of problems when it is always necessary to use it, it is really a big headache!pdf to word converter offline software free download full version In fact, this is as a prejudice, PDF itself has some other related documents can not be compared to the advantages of many aspects, do not understand their own people will find it troublesome! Today, I will take you to understand what is a PDF file.

1. support for vector graphics

Perhaps many of my friends do not have the concept of vector graphics.word to pdf converter online i love pdf To be clear, this kind of graphics zoom in and out does not affect the clarity. This point in the work of the application has obvious advantages, especially some engineering drawings, it is usually saved as PDF format

2. print format integrity

Wrote the paper partners know that we have to print the paper before the teacher will require us to change the format of the paper document into PDF format, and then print, why? Because PDF files can ensure that the format does not go, sometimes our Word documents and then the transmission process, due to the sender and receiver of the document to open the software is different or a different version of the receiver will lead to see a bunch of garbled, and PDF can be embedded in the fonts, will not be unable to find fonts and the emergence of garbled phenomenon!jpg to pdf converter and combine

3. high compatibility

High compatibility is also a unique feature of PDF, we sometimes find that obviously a unified document, but due to boot or different software, the format layout will change, PDF documents in any case to open it, as always, there will be no change.

4. small size

PDF files are small and support highly compressed images. Hundreds of meters of pictures can be compressed to dozens of meters, so that we can easily transfer files. Sometimes a PPT file hundreds of meters, it is inconvenient to send an email. If converted to PDF format, the size will become smaller, easier for the recipient to download ~

5. support for annotations, signatures and other applications

PDF is not unable to edit, but with specialized software to edit, some software can also add notes to PDF documents, signatures, watermarks and so on!

This software is very versatile. Basically, you can edit PDF files like Word. We can add or remove the watermark in the document - watermark ~

We can also import our company's electronic seal into the software, click on the seal, the size and location can be adjusted arbitrarily!

can also add a handwritten signature in our PDF documents, especially good!

Said we have so much, the partners of the PDF understanding has not carried out a little deeper it?