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"Why do we need to use PDF, not PPT, similar functions, obviously PPT is more convenient to make changes ah!"

In the workplace, presenting solutions, reports, charts, and text to clients in PDF format seems to be a well-established rule. online pdf conversion free This is like a "know why" dilemma, so today, we will dig into PDF together, together with the "know why"!

Where does the PDF format come from?

PDF's full name is Portable Document Format, directly translated as "Portable Document Format", is Adobe in the early 1990s invented a document interaction format.

What are the characteristics of PDF format?

As a popular document format in the world, PDF has many irreplaceable features.scanned pdf to word converter online Here are two that I think are the most important.

- No change in content

PDF document content for the format and equipment, operating management systems, media, that is, no matter what you replace the computer, the use of some of what information systems, and even the main content of the document can be printed on paper, the content of the format is unlikely to change, so companies do not have to worry about the content of the document in terms of garbled code, chaotic lines and so on.

- High security

This is one of the reasons why PDF is so popular. You can choose to secure the document by setting a password, and then set permissions for printing, editing, copying, etc. You can also choose to add a watermark to prevent the document from being forged.

Why PDF?

Every industry has its own reasons for using PDF. For an advertising industry practitioner, the biggest concern before the proposal is the leakage of the program. By choosing PDF, you can easily get a level of file protection that no other document format can offer. As long as the permissions are set up beforehand, it is difficult for others to copy and paste ideas.

Is there a downside to PDF?

Of course, on the other hand, its security is also a disadvantage - it is so well protected that it is difficult to edit. the original goal of the development of PDF is to "protect the content and layout of the document", the development of such a goal has also led to PDF document text, images, and even extract information difficult to change. The original goal of PDF development was to "protect the content and layout of the document", and this development goal has also led to PDF documents with text, images that are difficult to change, and even extracting information is a big challenge.

What are the ways to overcome this shortcoming?

In the early years of Internet development is not a particularly developed time, our business is usually through the use of "print - scan" or manual entry methods to extract information from PDF documents, but the efficiency is too low. Well later began to appear a lot of PDF software, not only can choose to read, you can also manage the content of the document for genetic editing.

PDF Editor, can help you effectively edit PDF documents, its main features are:.

-Full-featured. Functions include, but are not limited to, reading, editing, commenting, managing pages, etc.. , almost covering the basic operations needed in the work.

Easy to operate. Its editing function supports drag-and-drop mode, directly add text and images, replace images, so as to say goodbye to copy and paste, one-step drag-and-drop in place!

-Simple interface. Simple and uncomplicated high-value interface, easy to find function UI, simple and efficient operation.

- Multi-terminal compatibility. Fits the PDF format data itself, the design and development of the concept of Android, iOS, Mac platforms can be passed through the general, and has a very good stability.

PDF software, prefer to call it "PDF Solutions", because it not only utilizes the advantages of PDF format, but also from the technical level to make up for the shortcomings of the PDF format.