For many people, PDF is a common file format, whether it is a resume or a project contract. However, for some newbies,merge pdf files i love pdf they may not know much about PDF and don't know how to generate PDF files. Today, I will introduce you to this amazing format.

What is PDF?

PDF is a portable document format introduced by Adobe. It has the advantages of small files, high degree of restoration, not easily modified, etc. It can perfectly restore the state of the original manuscript on any platform or printer, so it is very popular among office workers.

How to create PDF documents?

In our daily work, we can produce PDF documents through the following several common methods: scanning, printing and format conversion. For example, after the completion of editing in Word, we can print to a virtual printer to generate PDF documents; leadership of the document signed, we can scan the PDF document to generate a signed version.

How to modify the PDF document?

If the virtual printer to print out a high-definition PDF, we can use Adobe Acrobat to complete the modification. Adobe Acrobat is Adobe's official PDF modification software, easy to operate, and edit Word similar.

If it is scanned out of the less clear PDF, we can need to modify the PDF imported into Photoshop (PS) software, the use of PS to modify the PDF to achieve a seamless effect.