Word common shortcuts

In our daily management work, Word document editing for us is a "must", it can provide help students we can deal with as well as a variety of text, tables and pictures, so that our work environment has become more scientific and efficient and convenient.

However, for many people, Word is still relatively laborious to use,convert scanned pdf to word text rtf online that is because of the use of Word skills are not familiar with, resulting in document editing time-consuming and laborious, today, da da to organize the use of Word tips, remember to code and then look ~!

01 Word common shortcuts

Speaking of keyboard shortcuts, you may not only know CTRL + C or CTRL + V to quickly save the file, use CTRL + S to find paragraphs, use CTRL + F, use CTRL + Z to undo the previous steps, master these shortcuts can help you easily get Word.

02 F4 Quick Repeat

When editing a document, if you want to repeat a paragraph, would you choose copy and paste? As a matter of fact, there is a faster way and that is F4 Quick Repeat.

This is in fact they are by repeating the previous step to operate the function, can greatly save a lot of our operating system time, in the selection of another paragraph of text, press the F4 key, these students have just begun to set the style will be automatically applied to the selected text.

03 text to form

When we have a large amount of data and information in the article, generally used in the form of a directory, Word can be a keyword in the directory text.

Word text to be formed only need to select the text. In Insert - Form, select the text to be formed, set the form of rows and columns, and then click OK.

04 Word to PDF

PDF files are the preferred format for sharing documents in our daily work. When we need to share a Word file with others, we always choose to convert Word to PDF and forward it.

Word to PDF can be operated with one click. Use the shortcut key F12 to open the Save As window, change the save type to [PDF. pdf)],jpg to pdf converter and combine and then click [Save].

But for us in the work life will often need to batch processing of technical documents, one by one manual conversion is too slow, the problem is that we teachers can be through the use of Swift PDF Converter inside the [Word to PDF] function, a key batch operation!

Baidu search fast PDF converter available for download.

05 hidden digital content

We must be very curious,jpg to pdf converter and combine we usually see the cell phone number in the middle of the numbers are asterisks. Are they typed one by one?

Actually not, as long as we select the number field, and then open the Find and Replace dialog box, enter the code: "([0-9]{3})([0-9]{4})([0-9]{4})" in Find Contents; in Replace, enter "1 * * * * * 3 ", check the use of wildcards and click All Replacements.