With the transformation and development of domestic manufacturing industry, the importance of administrative attendance management has been increasingly highlighted. The height of administrative management of a factory enterprise directly affects the future of the company.

In recent years, domestic labor cost has been increasing year by year and along with the development of enterprises themselves, enterprises will face many challenges in labor management. On the one hand, the backwardness of the existing manual attendance management method is becoming more and more obvious, and the attendance data statistics are tedious and often lost, which will not be able to meet the real-time management needs of the enterprise talent strategy in the future; on the other hand, the work of the enterprise human resource department is concentrated and large, and the work pressure is high and the efficiency is low. Management process.

As we all know, domestic large, medium and small factories and enterprises, due to the large number and different scale of personnel, attendance management system is not exactly the same, so there is a greater need for an intelligent and comprehensive attendance management system to help factories and enterprises solve the attendance, payroll and factory inspection management problems they are currently facing.

From the fieldwork of tens of thousands of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, we know that the following 3 major problems are faced by manufacturing enterprises and factories.

1. Attendance statistics are cumbersome and summary data are always inaccurate

Many small and medium-sized factories still use traditional attendance statistics, which is not only unscientific, but also a waste of time and cannot improve the efficiency of work per unit of time. Even though some have adopted attendance system, the system is not intelligent and not powerful, which leads to the statistics of working hours and overtime hours are always wrong.

2、It is difficult to account for salary, and the payroll time is always delayed

Attendance specialist and finance personnel are always not on the same track, and their work is not connected, and the schedule is always delayed again and again. Payroll accounting is time-consuming and inefficient, and the payroll release date is always disappointing to employees.

3、It is difficult to do factory inspection and attendance wages, and several times the factory audit cannot be passed

HR and time and attendance specialists are most afraid of doing factory inspection attendance and wage statements, one is inexperienced, the second does not know how to do, there is no professional staff to explain the training, resulting in the factory several times the customer inspection did not pass, the boss is so angry that vomit blood!

With the above-mentioned intelligent attendance management system solution, enterprises can automate the data processing of employees' attendance, absence, overtime, leave, scheduling, etc. All employees of enterprises only need to punch in and out of work, and employee attendance data will be uploaded in real time, automatically calculated by the system and reviewed and approved by the leaders, which will help solve the problems of poor supervision, low work efficiency, difficulty in data statistical analysis, payroll, etc. It will help solve the problems of poor supervision, low work efficiency, difficult data statistical analysis and complicated salary calculation. At the same time, intelligent attendance management software and time test management software can be docked in the enterprise internal payroll system, which will help enterprises greatly improve the automation and integrated operation efficiency from employee attendance punching, working hours to payroll, and convenient self-service can improve HR operation efficiency at the same time, and also improve employee satisfaction.

On the other hand, if domestic enterprise factories want to get production orders from foreign customers, they must first accept factory audits from foreign customers or third-party organizations, and only when the factory audits and inspections are successfully passed, they can get production orders. Therefore, in order to successfully pass the factory inspection, it is very necessary to choose a practical factory inspection and attendance system.

The intelligent time and attendance management system solution for manufacturing enterprises factory, help domestic small, medium and large factory enterprises to solve attendance, payroll and factory inspection management problems.