CMS system is the abbreviation of Content Management System, which is used to manage the backend of the website, the frontend of the website, the content management and maintenance of the applet or application.

In the early days of internet development, companies or individuals could only find professional companies to develop websites.wordpress website company Back then website development was definitely a technical job involving front-end development, back-end development, and database development. These technologies were not accessible to the average user, so they could only be produced by professional companies.

But we finally is that people can be found through this teaching method of high cost, low efficiency, the majority of websites have 90% of the same nature, the background is a news resource management, product quality management, image management, member services management, when a large number of users need to design and produce a website, each website to customize the development of the demand of the social market obviously can not get to meet the problem, we need to have a corresponding solution to this program. There is a need to have a corresponding solution to this program, to cope with this environmental problem, large and small CMS content production management control system came into being, the site commonly used product risk management, news management, image management capabilities, etc., cms unified to these basic functions of the development of packaged goods, ordinary users, even if they do not have to happen to what is the basis of the different professional knowledge, just take a look at the use of the document, can be downloaded, installed, modified to build your own Installation, modify it can build their own websites, during this period of our country also emerged a lot of excellent cms system, with the help of these cms, many small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals can be very low-cost have a rich their own websites, many teachers personal webmasters also rely on the cms earned the first bucket of gold or become a big brother in the construction industry.

But times have been changing. In the era of mobile Internet self-media, each platform has begun to manage its own private domain traffic. The cost of getting traffic to a website is getting higher and higher, which directly or indirectly led to the closure of many websites. In the era of personal computer internet, many webmasters relied on themselves, collecting articles and search engine optimization on a daily basis to get huge traffic from Baidu's search engine but today's crude and simplistic approach is no longer feasible. A large number of websites had to be shut down because they could not make money, and 99% of these websites were using content management systems. When the largest user base died, cMS makers struggled to maintain normal growth and innovation due to lack of customer mobility.

How can cMS makers and enterprise websites break the mold in the age of private domain traffic?

Traditional content management systems are usually well search engine optimized as traffic comes from search engines like Baidu, but the current internet landscape has changed, with most of Baidu's traffic going to their own products, in addition to the fact that Baidu is no longer at the top of the list for traffic input from the major internet platforms. It is replaced by Tencent's. Many enterprises have also realized this, and have opened their own public accounts, docking website applet.CMS as the best bearing solution for content, should also be connected to the super traffic entrance, CMS manufacturers should follow the Internet traffic entrance, and provide the corresponding functions and solutions to adapt to the new Internet environment, and is the product that real users need.

Some people will say that many saas platforms are providing these services nowadays, but personally I think that putting enterprise-level data on saas platforms is definitely not an appropriate way. Some unimportant data can be put on the saas platform, but important data must be privatized. And saas platforms have a large number of collapses every year, and a large number of rises to cut off users' leeks. Only enterprises can retain their own data, private deployment and data privatization is precisely the biggest advantage of cms content management system.