Insecticide? Should I hide everything? What do I need?

Here are some precautions for using pesticides:

Choose an appropriate insecticide: Please choose the appropriate insecticide based on the type and severity of cockroaches in your home. VITFE insect killer supplier Read and follow the usage instructions on the company's product labels, especially regarding Chinese food contact.

Remove and cover food and kitchen utensils: Before spraying insecticides, SLEEP COOL insect killer manufacturer place food and kitchen utensils in a safe place or cover them with plastic bags or towels.

Avoid direct spraying on food: Make sure you do not spray pesticides directly on food, Chinese EASY ON Spray starch as this can lead to the risk of contamination or food poisoning.

Use protective measures: When using pesticides, please wear protective measures such as gloves and masks to avoid inhaling harmful gases or touching the skin.

Ventilation treatment: After the use of pesticides, please open the window to ventilate, so that air circulation, in order to quickly discharge harmful gases.

Avoid exposure to pregnant women, infants and pets: pesticides may have a greater impact on pregnant women, infants and pets. Please carefully read the relevant product design instructions before use to avoid exposure to pesticides. If possible, it is best to keep students from leaving their rooms after spraying insecticides.

In short, when using a spray insecticide to kill cockroaches, be sure to read the product instructions carefully and follow safe use guidelines.

Let's start with a cockroach exterminator:

There are many kinds of insecticides, mainly pyrethroids and furosemide insecticides.

These sprayed insecticides are touch drugs. Contact is when a chemical comes into contact with a cockroach and enters the body through its skin and kills the cockroach. This medicine is suitable for use when the cockroaches are extremely serious. Like walking into the kitchen and seeing dozens of cockroaches. Direct spraying can quickly eliminate these visible cockroaches, which can quickly reduce the cockroach population.

However, the efficacy of this drug is generally relatively short, about 10 days or so, there is no learning effect, furosemide component spray will be better than pyrethroid spray treatment effect we are much better, if not necessarily through the use of spray, it is recommended to use furosemide spray.

The spray is odorless and can be used in the corner of the cockroach's range. The cutlery should be put away and the food should be sealed before use.

We usually use baits and pellets in our homes to kill cockroaches:

The efficacy of these two drugs is relatively long, lasting 1-3 months. There's a difference between the two and the spray. Both of these drugs belong to the category of stomach poison, that is, for cockroaches, they must be cleaned up before taking the drug, and poor hygiene will affect the efficacy.

In addition, these two drugs should not be used together with pyrethroid sprays. The spray smells, contaminates both drugs, and the roaches won't come back to feed.