Dirudder watches have always been the focus of attention, often compared with brands such as Rolex

Dirudder watches have always been the focus of attention, often compared with brands such as Rolex, TUDOR Clair de Rose M35500-0004 Omega, and Lang Chin. In contrast, the characteristics and cost performance of the dual-rudder watch are very high.

First, let's compare a Tudor watch with a Rolex. TUDOR Black Bay Bronze M79250BA-0001 The steady personality of Tudor's watch Royal M28500-0006 can be seen in its shield Logo, which also symbolizes the ruggedness of Tudor's watch, which is also a major advantage of the Rolex family. But compared with Rolex, Tudor Watch is launched by Rolex founder Wilsdorf in order to create a watch brand with Rolex quality at a more affordable price. Tudor watches use a more delicate homemade movement, and later a large number of processed ETA movements. In addition, in the video, the image of the hero riding a bicycle may be a challenge to the positioning of the Rolex brand, but it is harmless for the Tudor watch, because the positioning of the Tudor watch is like this, which can also be understood as retro romance.

Tudor Junjure Series 56000-68060 silver jacquard watch is a stainless steel watch with automatic mechanical movement, TUDOR Royal M28403-0009 with date display and week display functions, close bottom design, diameter of 39 mm, waterproof technology depth of 100 meters.

Next, let's compare Tudor Watch with Omega. Tudor Ranger M79950-0002 Compared to Rolex, the comparison between Tudor and Omega is much more complex. Although many people will Omega and Rolex into the same grade, but because Omega's different watches use a very diverse movement, including a well-polished self-produced movement, a slightly modified ETA movement and the use of quartz movement, so the analogy with Rolex is not easy, or we can say under the Rolex group. However, in terms of movement, some movement experts believe that Omega is not dominant. For example, some studies have pointed out that the most commonly used movements of Omega on the market in China are 2500, 3313, 8500 and 2892, while Tudor watches are 2824, 7753 and 2834 as the main movement. From the point of view of the movement level, Omega has only comprehensively developed beyond Tudor on the 3313, because it is based on the basic FP movement, which is a lot higher than the ETA movement. As for the 2500 and 2892, they are not as good as the ETA movement of Tudor Watch, because the ETA movement of Tudor watch has been deeply modified and installed core functional components such as KIF shock absorber and the process including grinding through chamfering.

Tudor (Watch) Prince Calendar Series 72033-6245310DI Watch is an automatic mechanical moving gold material (18K gold - stainless steel) watch, royal rudder M28503-0008 with date display function, enclosed bottom design, 32 mm in diameter, waterproof depth of 100 meters.

Finally, let's compare the Tudor watch with Longines. If compared with Longines, Tudor watch can be said to be a complete victory. Because most of the ETA movements used by Longines are slightly polished, while the Turtler watch is a relatively fine ETA movement, and there are also many watches using self-produced movements. It can even be said that Longines still has a long way to go to catch up with Tudor. For example, some time ago, a very familiar friend of mine told me that he had worn a watch of the Emperor Jun Jue series for three years, and it was recently bought by a pawn shop, which increased by one or two thousand dollars compared with the original purchase. This can be regarded as a Tudor watch of a beautiful talk, or simply "incredible". Nevertheless, I also believe that for a relatively popular brand, such an example should not occur often. In any case, we have not yet heard of other relatively popular brands having similar situations.

The Imperial Prince Calendar Series 74033-62473 10di watch is an automatic mechanical movement in gold (18k gold-stainless steel) watch with date display function, close sole design, diameter of 34 mm, water resistance up to 50 meters.

Overall, the Imperial Rudder Watch is a relatively friendly brand with deep and unique Rolex genes. At this level, it is arguably one of the most cost-effective brands.