Large-capacity batteries and fast charging have always been two important features sought by cell phone users. There are many tips on charging circulating on the internet, but for non-flagship phones, these tips don't require much attention.Battery recycling However, for expensive iPhones and folding screen phones, cracking some common misconceptions is still necessary.

Cell phones can't be charged too often: cell phone batteries can be cycled 800 times and aren't that easy to break down

Many people know that the life of a cell phone or laptop battery is around 800 cycles, but they don't understand what that life refers to. They wrongly believe that each charge will consume the life once, so they think that they can not charge frequently.cylindrical cell assembly machine In fact, this notion is incorrect. Cycle life means that when the total amount of battery discharge reaches the rated capacity is counted as one cycle. For example, if the battery is discharged 10%, 30%, 40% and 20% respectively, the total amount of these four discharges reaches the rated capacity before it is counted as consuming one cycle life. Therefore, the phone can be charged anytime and anywhere without worrying about depleting the battery life.

Also, the fact that the battery life reaches 800 cycles does not mean that the battery will be completely damaged, but rather that it can deliver 80% of its designed capacity after that.battery making machine It just means that its durability has decreased.

You don't use fast charging because it damages the battery: it has an effect but it's not serious

Another common misconception is that fast charging damages the battery because it is faster and may drain battery life faster. It's true that high temperatures and increased voltages can accelerate battery aging, and fast charging on cell phones is mainly achieved by increasing the voltage or current, which will inevitably increase battery depletion.

However, this is nothing to worry about. Fast charging is not the culprit behind battery damage. Anyone who has ever used fast charging knows that during fast charging, the phone gets hot. The high temperature affects the activity of the lithium ions inside the battery, which has an effect on the cell phone battery life. Therefore, the main cause of reduced cell phone battery life is high temperature, not fast charging.

As long as the heat issue is properly controlled, there is no need to worry that rapid charging will damage the battery. And now as the technology continues to mature, many brands for rapid charging have done charging protection to ensure that the battery will not be affected within two or three years. According to my personal experience, even with fast charging, the battery life can still reach more than 80% after two or three years.

Many people have heard that you can't charge your cell phone while playing because the battery is both charging and discharging which can damage the battery. However, this view is unscientific. Charging and using your cell phone at the same time has no effect on the health of your battery; in fact, on the contrary, charging and using your cell phone at the same time benefits the life of your cell phone battery. The life of a cell phone battery depends mainly on the number of times it is charged and discharged. When the phone is charging, the power chip directly powers the motherboard and controls the stored energy of the battery. When the battery is full, the cell phone will draw power directly from the motherboard when in use, bypassing the battery's power supply. Therefore, even if the battery is removed, there will be no problems and the battery will get a short period of rest, reducing the number and frequency of discharges. The phone's motherboard is also equipped with a power control chip.

Instead of caring about the battery go for fast charging and high capacity phones

Battery use must have loss, but as far as the current technology is concerned, whether it is fast charging or slow charging, basically the cell phone battery can bring 2-3 years of use in a relatively good condition. So instead of obsessing about battery loss, it's really better to change a battery with a larger capacity, or choose a fast charger with more than 100W, the larger capacity and faster speed can make up for the poor experience brought by battery loss.

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