roman curtain

A simple pair of curtains, has a variety of functions: privacy protection, adjusting light and indoor heat preservation, these functions are also people put familiar; in addition, thick, velvet fabric curtains can also attract noise, to a certain extent, to play the effect of dust and noise. roman shade have been coexisting with our space, the style is ever-changing, widely used in any place where it can be used.

Composition of curtains

Curtains by the curtain body, accessories, accessories, three major components, sub-components. The body of the curtain includes the curtain, the body and the sash. Window curtain is an indispensable part of the decorative window, generally made of the same fabrics as the window body, the style of laying, folding, water wave, integrated and other styles. Accessories by the window opponents, tent circle, decorative tape, lace, window flap inch cloth, etc.,roman blind accessories have side hooks, tiebacks, window hooks, window tape, weights, etc..

Curtain fabrics

There is a wide variety of fabrics for curtains, many of which can be used as curtain fabric. When choosing fabrics, pay attention to two aspects, one is the sense of thickness, and the other is a good sense of drape. Traditional Roman blind curtain are generally composed of three layers of material, one layer of fabric curtains that play a decorative role, one layer of blackout curtains, and one layer of gauze curtains.

Traditional fabrics:The fabric design of curtain fabrics is basically based on chemical fiber industrial fabrics and blended fabric structures, so the drape is good and thick;

Blackout fabric:The new fabric not only overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional blackout fabric, but also improves the grade of the product. It can be used as a sunshade together with other curtains, but also integrates sunshade and decoration in one, and can be made into various styles of blackout fabric;

Curtains:There are many types of window yarns, which are generally summarized as plain, plaid, printed, embroidered, embossed, flocked, burnished, wrinkled and so on. Among them, the raw materials for making yarn are hemp, polyester silk, nylon silk, glass silk.

Types of curtains

The types of curtains are as follows: opening and closing curtains (casement curtains), Roman curtains (lift curtains), roller blinds, roller shades.

1. Opening and closing curtains (casement curtains)

Open-close curtain is the track of the track or rod parallel to the movement of the curtain.

European-style architecture luxury shape: above the curtains, curtains decorated with a group of edges, flower type to color with a strong large flowers are mainly, look are more focused on the gorgeous and opulent;

Roman rod: curtain rail is made of a variety of different shapes and materials of the Roman rod, patterns and craft changes, divided into curtains and windowless curtains, the pattern can be colorful flowers, can also be used to compare the elegant grid shapes or plain colors;

Simplicity: this curtain highlights the texture and drape of the fabric, do not add any auxiliary means of decoration, with different colors of small flowers and plants look more atmospheric.

2. Roman curtain (lift curtain)

Roman curtains are fabric curtains that move up and down under the traction of a rope, which is more suitable for installation in luxury rooms. According to its shape can be divided into folding, fan type, wave type. Especially suitable for viewing with large orange glass. The stiff fabric texture can give full play to the texture of the fabric, making the space softer and more comfortable to touch, with a clear sense of hierarchy. Its decorative effect is very rich, can be natural and pure, can be warm and interesting, can be elegant and gorgeous, can be fashionable and romantic.

3. Roller blinds

Roller blinds are curtains that move up and down with the roll of the tube. Simple and generous, colorful, easy to use. Can also shade, ventilation, fire. It is also convenient to remove and clean after using for a period of time. Its biggest feature is simplicity, and it is more suitable for installation in study rooms, rooms with computers, and rooms with small indoor surfaces.

4. Blinds

Blinds can be adjusted 180 degrees and up and down vertical or left and right direction translation of the rigid curtains.

Blinds have a good shading effect, strong ventilation, and are more suitable for installation in the kitchen, where grease can be washed out directly with water. Blinds are available in more colors, no longer a single white.

The materials are wood, metal, chemical fiber cloth or into plus non-woven fabric, there are two kinds of vertical and parallel, you can choose according to preference and style.

How to customize your curtains

Customized decorative fabric specifications, size should be taken seriously, any width and length must be accurate.

Even if each window looks the same size, it still needs to be measured individually.

All measurements should be based on that steel ruler or yardstick.

For curtain pleats to achieve fullness, a 3 (fabric section width):1 (curtain width) ratio can be used,2.5 (fabric width):1 (curtain width) ratio is also available.

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