Dining Hong Kong style in a restaurant in Hong Kong – what is the real thing?

Hong Kong really is the eaters paradise where dining or eating out you will be spoilt for choice with the vast range of Hong Kong restaurants.

If you have a task to find a restaurant in Hong Kong for a place to eat – it’s really no easy job. Not that finding a Hong Kong restaurant is hard – it’s the shear choice and number of Hong Kong restaurants available that often makes the decision of where to go dining in Hong Kong a tough one.

The dining experience in Hong Kong is really second to none to any city in the world. Hong Kong restaurants are so uniquely global and diverse – there really so typical Hong Kong restaurant.

With the expensive retail space – the competition of a restaurant in Hong Kong is intense, hence the range of dining places or Hong Kong restaurants so vast. From Mexican to Mongolian, the represented cuisines from around the world are astounding.

But just looking at Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong – there are so many types. However, there is one dining Hong Kong style that stands out as a the true Hong Kong restaurant experience– the Hong Kong teahouse (what locals call “char charn teng”).

It’s one type of Hong Kong restaurant that you really can’t get enough of and the one dining Hong Kong type that all people whom leave the place – crave for and keep wanting to go back for more.