Bars in Hong Kong and Hong Kong clubs – what is your association?

There is really no shortage of bars in Hong Kong but when asked the question “what do you associate a bar in Hong Kong with?” There is no easy answer for even a local that has lived in here for 40 years!

There are a few unique associations for a bar in Hong Kong, likewise the same for Hong Kong clubs – although it means different things for different people, I think many will have a lot in common for a place like Hong Kong.

In my youth, Lan Kwai Fong was the epitome of bars in Hong Kong and Hong Kong clubs to me. Lan Kwai was the absolute and only place to me – it was wild and posh at the same time ( unlike the then more seedy feel of Wan Chai where the Hong Kong clubs were more associated with girly bars oppose to the what I then thought, was trendy discos in Central.

As I got older a Hong Kong bar to me was more a local bar – where beers were sold in half dozens and placed in buckets of ice. Here after work- one could relax, afford a few more beers and place dice games round the table with friends and sing some karaoke.

During these years I lost more and more interest in Hong Kong clubs where the trend of exclusivity came in and Hong Kong clubs were trying to outdo each other with pretentiousness and the race for which one was harder to get in.

As I get older, bars in Hong Kong are the same one or two places where my friends gather for drinks which is no longer regularly I might add and now a club in Hong Kong to me is where we take kids for a swim at the weekends.